Kelly Roofing In Naples, Florida explains how roofing estimates work with insurance companies

After a roof takes on damage from a natural disaster, a homeowner must work through the insurance claim process in order to get their roof back in its best working order.

After Hurricane Irma, thousands southern Florida residents had to file insurance claims to have their roof replaced or repaired and endure the insurance process.

At Kelly Roofing, we understand that sorting through claim paperwork and repair or replacement estimates can be an exhausting, and sometimes confusing, task.

We’re here to help clear the water and give you information on what Xactimate estimates are and how they are calculated:
[testimonials design=”classic” backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”” class=”” id=””][testimonial name=”Umberto Ct, Naples, FL Tile Repair Customer” avatar=”male” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]They did a fantastic job.

And I truly appreciate them getting the work done so quickly before the rains of TS Alberto hit. Will recommend you to everyone! [/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Koncsol, J.” avatar=”female” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]We had a skylight damaged from Hurricane Irma. We had Kelly Roofing put in a new one and repair the damage to the roof.Everyone was very professional. They cleaned up after the job was done.

The job was done 6 weeks ahead of the date that was originally scheduled. There was a lot of damage in our community. A lot of people that had other roofing companies were sorry that they did not have Kelly when they saw the excellent work they did for us. Kelly Roofing is now our company for the future. [/testimonial] [/testimonials]

How is roof cost calculated?

Insurance carriers, adjusters, contractors and legal professionals use a third party pricing system, called Xactimate, to determine how much a roof should cost. Since all parties agree to the pricing of Xactimate the difference in calculated roof cost is items or steps being included or excluded. The pricing should be equal allowing homeowners to pick the best roofer, not the cheapest. 

Why are insurance estimates different?

Insurance pricing is highly regulated using a pricing service called Xactimate. If contractors have different pricing it’s likely one contractor is not including line items, tasks or materials the other contractor is. Since insurance pricing is set by Xactimate the only way for quotes to be different is when items are added or omitted. Contractors set the scope of work required for insurance companies to approve.

What is the Xactimate Pricing System?

Xactimate is a universally accepted computer-based insurance claim recovery pricing system which acts as a 3rd party neutral source of set pricing contractors and insurance companies agree to for help limiting disputes and setting fair pricing for consumers.
How does insurance pricing work? Insurance companies and contractors rely on a line item list of pricing from a service called Xactimate. This set pricing is used to ensure pricing is fair for the insurance company, contractor, and customer. It is widely regarded as the industry standard and accepted throughout the United States.

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*The statements on this page are personal interpretations and opinions from limited experience and legal advice provided to Kelly Roofing and/or Kelly Roofing’s clients and are not to be used as legal guidance.  Kelly Roofing is not qualified or licensed to provide insurance advice, discuss claim information, act as a public adjuster or provide legal representation.

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