How many seams are in your flat roof?

With every seam in your roof, the chance of leaks and roof deterioration is increased.

Discover why you can eliminate the risk of leaks by eliminating the number of field seams and why Duro-Last offers the most in roof protection:

  • With Duro-Last, 85% of the roof system is installed in the factory under ideal conditions, eliminating 85% of the leak opportunities.
  • The field seams in a Duro-Last roof are typically only a quarter of the number of seams in other flat roof systems.

For your convenience, we would like to offer:
the Field Seam Comparisons PDF

This free resource offers a valuable visual aid of the number and type of seams (i.e. factory or field seams) present in the roofing system of the common flat roofing manufacturers.

With this aid, you will understand why Kelly Roofing recommends Duro-Last as the preferred manufacturer for your flat roofing needs.

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