Finance Your Roofing Project

Get all your qualifying home improvement projects financed at once

At Kelly Roofing, we offer financing to help you complete your project. Ever feel like everything in your house needs fixing all at one time? Stop worrying about which home improvements to take on first. Now you can bundle new efficient windows, insulation, and a cool roof into one project, with our flexible financing options. Kelly Roofing understands that an emergency can occur unexpectedly.

Our Flexible Financing options offer you:

  • No upfront payment (Upfront payments are the #1 barrier to moving forward on home improvements – especially those that cut energy usage.)
  • Fixed terms up to 30 years – Just one competitive rate locked in for the long haul.
  • Low minimum monthly payments (Subject to credit approval)
  • Low interest rate
  • No balloon payments. No funny business with fees.
  • Easy Payment options: Make payments through your property tax bill
  • Energy savings may pay for the improvements
  • Options to save your cash for investment or emergencies
  • Choice to partially pay on the project and to finance the rest
  • Option to do pay more than the minimum payment without penalty
  • Fast credit decisions

Payments may stay with the property

If you sell your home, your payments may transfer to the new owner, just like your property taxes—so you only pay for improvements while you use them.*
Eligibility based on property equity

You can control how much you save.

Whether it’s windows and insulation for efficiency or adding solar to the mix, we find the right balance for you and your home. And your pocketbook, of course.

We offer financing through RenewPACE  and YGrene

Ygrene financing isn’t considered personal debt.
Eligibility is based on property equity, among other factors. There’s no reason to take on debt for home improvements anymore. (Your credit report will be requested during the application process.)

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Financing Option

Approximate Monthly Payment Amount

Estimated Months to Pay Off

12.99% APR Until Paid Off



9.99% APR Until Paid Off



7.99% APR Until Paid Off



No Monthly Interest if Paid in Full within 18 Months



*All Examples based on a $10,000 loan