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Never Worry About Your Roof Again.


Kelly Roofing’s Roofiversary inspection service helps you:

  • Your roof will have small problems fixed before they become large

  • Unsightly black streaks are safely removed with no harm to your roof or the environment.

  • Your roof won’t have leaks or black streaks.

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A New Beginning: Kelly Roofing Welcomes JJ Quality Builders

Kelly Roofing, a trusted name in roof protection for over half a century, announces a partnership with JJ Quality Builders, a highly respected local entity recognized for its exceptional roofing and solar services in Palm Beach County. This partnership marks our second major growth initiative in recent years, meaning we can serve even more communities […]
Why Roof Ventilation is Often Neglected in Florida: The Importance of Ventilation for Roof Longevity

Why Roof Ventilation is Often Neglected in Florida: The Importance of Ventilation for Roof Longevity

Roof ventilation. Many homeowners lack a meaningful understanding of the importance of roof ventilation to their homes’ overall health and well-being. But why should a homeowner seek to understand their house’s ventilation system? Without adequate ventilation, a home can experience significant avoidable performance problems that could be resolved quickly and efficiently with a few practical […]
Cracking the Case: Investigating Why Most Roofs in Florida Don't Meet TRI's Recommendations

Investigating Why Most Roofs in Florida Don’t Meet TRI’s Recommendations

Unbeknownst to the average Florida residential homeowner, most clay and concrete tile roofs do not adhere to the Tile Roofing Industry (TRI) Alliance’s recommendations regarding flashing installation when the tile roof is constructed or when roofing accessories are added to a tile roof. Noncompliance with these guidelines compromises the tile roof’s performance and can substantially […]
How Long Do Tile Roofing Last in Florida?

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last in Florida? Exploring Their Longevity and Durability

Tile is one of the most popular roofing materials used in Florida. Tile roofs add a touch of elegance to homes and offer exceptional durability and longevity, making them an excellent investment for homeowners in the Sunshine State. Let’s explore why tile roofs are well-suited for Florida’s climate and discuss their impressive lifespan.

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A home near Naples, Florida with a new tile roof installed by Kelly Roofing


Through Kelly Roofing’s Roofiversary inspection service we will maintain, clean and guarantee your roof won’t have leaks or black streaks.

Kelly Roofing crew on a roof near Naples, Florida doing a roof repair.

Roof Repair

Our repair services cover any incident your roof may face so you can enjoy a worry-free roof.

A home near Naples, Florida with a roofing job in progress by Kelly Roofing.

Roof Replacement

We correctly install tile, shingle, metal and flat roofs the first time.

A home near Naples, Florida getting new siding installed by Kelly Roofing.


From gutters to siding to skylights, we can help you accessorize your roof.

A home with a Tesla Solar roof installed by Kelly Roofing, and a red Tesla in the driveway.


Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall – sustainable energy for your home

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Since 1972 Kelly Roofing has helped over 50,000 roof owners save money and live a worry-free life. As the 2019 Roofing Contractor of the year, we understand how to eliminate the stress of unexpected roof costs. We do this through caring, communicating and performing consistent maintenance. We help you double the life of roofs by fixing future problems so you never have to worry about your roof again.

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