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2019 Roofing Contractor Of The Year: Kelly Roofing

Steps to Storm Recovery

3 Step Plan to Disaster Recovery

Our simple 3 step plan to disaster recovery will help the most number of people quicker than others.

  • Certified Roof Inspection: We start by performing an Insurance Certified Roof Inspection you can use to speed up the insurance claim process.
  • Emergency Repair: Next, we can dispatch a crew to temporarily “dry-in” your roof so it is safe from the weather.
  • Estimate to Replace: Then we provide an estimate to repair or replace the roof. This is the fastest and most trusted way to restore your roof.

Why You Should Choose Kelly Roofing

Choosing our top of the line service crews are your best option for recovering after the storm.

We provide faster insurance claim processing resolution.

We provide faster service because we are a local roofing company.

We have emergency services to help prevent further damage.


Pick Your Roof Options

You don’t have to replace the same type of roof. Did you know metal roofs are the same price as shingle roofs? Is the traditional look of tile roofing what you want? Do you want a roof that will stand up to hurricane force winds? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the roof pay for itself in energy and insurance savings? Discover the true differences between each type of roof system and find the one that fits you best. At Kelly Roofing, we will provide you with information about each roof type to help you make your roof replacement decision easier and more informed. What roof are you? Take the quiz to find out or skip right to the style you prefer.

What Roof Are You?
The Kelly Roofing Proven Process



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