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Flat Replacement

Flat or low-slope roofing is an asset to commercial building managers. It allows the roof to be used for HVAC systems, signs, radio masts, helicopter landing pads, and more. Flat roof replacement is a major capital investment for your business. It is also often a necessity, given Florida’s history of rough weather. 

Indications of Needing a Flat Roof Replacement

Kelly Roofing has decades of experience with the finest brands and toughest installations of this durable, long-wearing material. We can help you prepare your flat roof for anything Mother Nature throws at it.

The Best Low-Slope Roofing Option

Single-Ply PVC

Low-slope roofing, also referred to as flat roofing, invites problems with ponding, compressed insulation, and major ultraviolet (UV) ray degradation from baking under the Florida sun. To have a long-lasting roof, a PVC membrane is the best choice for your flat roof. PVC holds up well under Florida weather, from sunshine to storms. PVC advantages include endurance, economy, and easy servicing.

Flat Roofing
Flat Roofing

Low-Slope Roof Lifespan

Kelly Roofing recommends Duro-Last single-ply PVC membrane for its durability, resilience, and resistance to UV damage. Aside from being mostly custom manufactured in the factory to provide you with a roof that fits your building like a glove, Duro-Last roofs are virtually maintenance-free and will last 30 years or more when correctly installed and properly maintained. Many Duro-Last roofs have even outlasted the many hurricanes which ripped through Florida.

Less Seams for Your Flat Roof

With every seam in your roof, the chance of leaks and roof deterioration is increased. You can eliminate the risk of leaks by eliminating the number of field seams. Duro-Last offers the most in roof protection:

This free resource offers a valuable visual aid of the number and type of seams (i.e. factory or field seams) present in the roofing system of the common flat roofing manufacturers. It shows why Kelly Roofing recommends Duro-Last for your flat roofing needs.

Flat Roofing

Kelly Roofing crews are highly trained with unparalleled safety. We can provide exactly the right kind of roof and waterproofing for your business. Many roofing systems get tough workouts under the combined forces of Florida’s heat, high humidity, direct sun, and harsh rains. As your local Roofing Contractor of the Year, Kelly Roofing handles it all, so you never have to worry about your roof again.

Kelly Roofing is the best choice for flat roof replacements for commercial property owners throughout Florida. Manufacturers trust us to work with their products, giving you access to warranties few other roofers are qualified to offer.

Additionally, our commercial warranties are the only ones which cover consequential damages. You will lock in security, savings, and peace of mind when you use our services.

Flat roof

Even some flat roofing materials can be recycled! Recycling construction materials reduces the impacts of producing new materials at the beginning of the lifecycle and the burden on landfills at the end.

Kelly Roofing is dedicated to helping reduce the amount of waste generated by our re-roofing jobs.


recycling roofing materials

We take as much pride in our work as you do in your building. That’s why we do everything we can to protect your property as we work on your roof. We protect your driveway, windows, doors, screens, pools, fountains, A/C units, plants, trees, and other landscaping. We clean up every day, not only at the end of the job. We show up to work in clean trucks, clean uniforms, and with a drug-free staff.

With Kelly Roofing, we guarantee you’ll love the way we do CLEAN. This is the Kelly Clean Guarantee.