Tesla Powerwall

Never Worry About Losing Power Again

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The benefits of solar energy are only as good as your building’s ability to store and convert it into power. Using Tesla’s Powerwall system will help you do both. The system is simple for your authorized installer to set up and easy for you to control.

Powerwall Benefits

  • Generate your own power
  • Have a backup if the power goes out
  • Eliminate the need for a backup generator
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Save money on energy
  • Live off the grid
  • Never worry about the power going out again

Tesla cares about the quality of the components you use to store and convert solar power. Only an Authorized Installer can purchase and install Tesla Powerwalls. Kelly Roofing is proud to be an authorized Tesla installer for Roofing, Powerwalls, and Power Inverters.

How Tesla’s Powerwall Works

Converting Solar Power

Solar energy produces multiple spectrums of light; even moonlight generates power, albeit much less than the sun. The energy is collected by your Tesla Solar Roof (or other solar panels) as DC (Direct Current). It passes through a Power Inverter where it is converted to AC (Alternating Current) so you can use it to power your building.

Backup Power

In the event of a power outage, your house still has power. Backup generators can take up to 10 minutes to start, but Powerwall has a nearly instant start, so you won’t notice a power outage. Your Powerwall recharges with solar, giving you virtually infinite access to electricity.

Backup power using solar

Self-powered Home

When electricity is used, power is pulled directly from your source of solar power rather than pulling from the electric utility company. At night, stored energy from the Powerwall is used.



Pairing your Tesla Solar Roof or solar panels with Powerwall allows you to reduce your reliance on grid power. Load shifting is also available so you can switch between solar and fossil energy to save money on your energy bill.

Home using Powerwall

Home Energy Monitoring

The Tesla app helps you monitor how much solar power is being generated and also your energy consumption. Any Tesla products you use can be monitored in the app, giving you real-time and historical data to track all of your energy data.

Cost comparison

Pricing is based on the number of Powerwall battery backup systems required. Kelly Roofing will help you decide if investing in the Powerwall system makes financial sense. We try to pair a large enough PV array and Powerwalls to eliminate the need to use utility company electricity for maximum efficiency and early payback. Our method of price comparison looks at a per-year cost for each option and provides a quantitative approach to making this decision.