Worry-Free Roof Replacements

Nobody wants to worry about their roof. But with some unscrupulous roofers cutting corners, it’s not surprising 90% of roofs are missing critical components, leading to early failure. This leaves you worrying about leaks in the next rain or a potential blow off in the next storm. We believe you deserve a worry-free roof, one that lasts and doesn’t leak. Since 1972 Kelly Roofing has helped over 60,000 roof owners live worry-free by doubling their roof’s life. Now you can avoid costly roof repairs and enjoy a worry-free roof!

Tesla Solar Roof

Kelly Roofing understands how much Florida homeowners value the environment. It’s why so many people are excited about Tesla’s Solar Roof, including us! They bring you energy-efficient roofing with slashed energy usage and the visual appeal of a modern roofing look. Kelly Roofing is proud to be the area’s authorized Tesla installer for Roofing, Powerwalls, and Power Inverters.  

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Tile roofing is one of the oldest roofing materials in existence. They add a classic charm to your home and last hundreds of years in Florida with proper installation and regular maintenance. Kelly Roofing’s vast experience with installing tile roofs makes our roofs last twice as long. 

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Fiberglass-asphalt shingles are durable, attractive, and economical to install. Among the least expensive options for Collier, Lee, and Broward county homeowners, shingles are also highly attractive and add curb appeal to any home. Kelly Roofing knows how to expertly install your new shingle roof for years of economical, trouble-free service.

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Metal roofs withstand hail, high winds, fire, heavy rains, and anything else Mother Nature may throw at them. You can upgrade your Florida home by having Kelly Roofing install a durable metal roof. Using storm-strong metal tie-ins with your home’s walls, our trained installation crews can firmly attach your roof to withstand high winds, uplift, and pressure changes.

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Kelly Roofing is the best choice for flat roof replacements for commercial property owners throughout Florida. Our crews are highly trained, our safety is unparalleled, and we can provide exactly the right kind of roof and waterproofing for your business. You will lock in security, savings, and peace of mind when you use our services.

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