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Roof Condition Reports in Florida: What You Need to Know in 2023

If you own a residential or commercial property or manage an HOA in Florida, regular roof inspections and roof condition reports performed by a professional contractor like Kelly Roofing are essential for preventing costly roof repairs or replacement. The roof condition report can also help with insurance policies. Here’s what Florida property owners need to know about roof condition reports in 2023.

A roof condition report is a detailed assessment of a roof performed by a qualified roofing inspector. The inspector thoroughly examines the roof system and documents its current state, identifying any issues that need attention. Think of it as a check-up and health report on your roof. A condition report identifies problems early before they become major repairs. It also helps accurately budget and plan for eventual roof replacement and can help with ongoing insurance policies.

The report provides details on:

  • Roofing materials, layers, and structure
  • Observed damage, deterioration, and leaks
  • Age and estimated remaining life
  • Drainage and flashing condition
  • Photos of the overall roof and problems
  • Recommended repairs and associated costs

Florida’s hot, wet climate can take a major toll on roofs. Getting periodic roof inspections and reports provides many advantages:

  • Prevent surprise roof leaks or failures
  • Prevent premature insurance cancellation
  • Address minor issues before they become big repairs
  • Budget accurately for maintenance and replacement
  • Extend the life of your roof with proper care
  • Comply with commercial property inspection laws
  • Identify roof damage after severe storms
  • Qualify for insurance discounts on commercial policies
  • Reduce liability from undetected roof deficiencies
  • Plan capital projects and distribute costs effectively
  • Demonstrate due diligence in property management

Roof reports lead to better maintenance decisions and can save thousands in emergency repairs. They provide peace of mind that your roof’s condition is being monitored.

In 2023, Florida updated its laws regarding roof condition reports for homeowners insurance policies. According to Florida’s statute 627.7011 homeowners’ policies; offer of replacement cost coverage and law and ordinance coverageinsurers can no longer refuse to issue or renew a policy solely due to roof age for roofs less than 15 years old. For roofs 15 years or older, the homeowner can now have an authorized inspector perform a roof inspection at their own expense before the insurer requires roof replacement. The inspector must be licensed or certified in roof inspections, construction, engineering, or architecture. If the inspection finds at least 5 years of useful life left, the insurer cannot refuse to issue the policy based only on roof age. The changes apply to policies issued or renewed after July 1, 2022. The goal is to prevent refusal of policies solely due to roof age if an inspection shows adequate useful life remains.

When selecting a roofing contractor for your inspection and report, here are key considerations:

  • Licensed roofing contractor with local knowledge of Florida building codes
  • Extensive experience inspecting various roof types – shingle, metal, tile, flat
  • Use a consistent report format and roof diagram
  • Provide detailed recommendations with repair estimates
  • Available to quickly complete reports to meet inspection deadlines
  • Offer both visual and invasive inspection techniques
  • Provides strong warranty on inspection work

As leading Florida roofing experts, Kelly Roofing meets all the above criteria for comprehensive roof condition inspections and reports. Our accurate inspections and reports identify issues early and guide intelligent roof management – preventing major headaches.

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