Add more joy to your life with a Skylight.

Plenty of research tells us daylight improves your mood, transforms your living space, and benefits your body. Skylights allow plenty of sunshine and fresh air to sweep through your home, brightening your days and boosting your spirits. You can give your entire family a wonderful gift of abundant sunlight by having genuine VELUX skylights expertly installed. 

Stunning VELUX skylights can add value to your home and happiness to your life.

Benefits of Skylights for Your Home

  • All skylights and sun tunnels are made with impact-resistant glass, meeting all Florida hurricane codes.
  • Velux skylights are ENERGY STAR ™ approved, letting in light while blocking heat.
  • Skylights come with a variety of options including blinds, sun shades, venting skylights.
  • Adding skylights is a breeze, literally! Skylights, Sun Tunnel® skylights and roof windows allow you to control and enjoy natural, cooling breezes. 
  • VELUX has been the world leader in roof windows and skylights for more than 60 years. They produce skylights and Sun Tunnels® of the highest quality, offering you the most energy-efficient daylighting products possible.

As a VELUX 5-Star Solutions Contractor, Kelly Roofing is the only authorized Velux skylight installer in Florida. Our installations are backed by the Velux 10-Year Leak Proof Guarantee.  We care about helping you save money and enjoy a worry-free life.

Skylights for Every Style and Budget

Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

Solar-powered “Fresh Air” Skylights feature solar panels to open and close the skylight.  This becomes your window to the World.  Solar powered skylight may even qualify for federal tax credits to help offset the cost.

Solar Fresh Air Skylights

Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights

Save money, save energy, and take complete control of humidity, fresh air, and sunlight with the manual “Fresh Air” skylight. Designed for deck or curb mount installation, this manually operated skylight needs no wiring to deliver the no-leak promise and clean, quiet, safe glass all VELUX skylights offer.

Manual Fresh Air Skylights

Fixed Skylights

With fixed skylights, you can bring abundant sunshine into cramped corners and transform your space. Fixed skylights are an economical choice in creating a spacious home brimming with beautiful, beckoning light.  They also have unmatched hurricane wind and shatter resistance.

Fixed Skylights

Sun Tunnel® Skylights

What takes less than an afternoon to install, completely reshapes your space, and gives even the darkest spot a brighter, more vibrant feel? VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights are economical, take a small footprint, and are available in either flexible or rigid construction for maximum versatility.

Sun Tunnel


Who do you want cutting a hole in your roof? Your roofer, of course. No one knows more about roofs than a roofer. Having a trusted roofing contractor install your skylights will help you be the hero of your household. Installation begins on your roof and finishes in your living space.

Roof. For all skylights, first a hole is cut in the roof, then the skylight is attached and sealed with three layers of protection to prevent leaks. 

Options for exterior work are curb mounted, pan flashed, or deck mounted. Your particular installation — and the time it takes — can be affected by roof pitch, interior light shaft depth and shape, and weather. Most skylights take from half a day to three days for installation.

Skylight in a tile roof

Interior. All skylights finish with interior work. The main tasks inside your building are to properly attach drywall and paint around the new skylight. This work generally takes about half a workday to complete.  

With flat ceilings, a lightwell of drywall is built between your skylight in the pitched roof and your flat ceiling. This does add to the installation time.  

Sun Tunnels® are simpler and faster to install. Two holes, a diffuser and trim ring, and the installation is complete in about 90 minutes. 

Your roofer takes every precaution to keep your home clean and free of dust. Plastic sheeting on floors and as curtain walls will keep debris and dust to a minimum.

Replacing a Skylight

The ideal time to replace an existing skylight or arrange for new installation is when you have your home re-roofed. Your roofer can ensure a watertight seal, match the roof warranty to the skylight warranty, and roll all the costs into one estimate.

Sunlight Fun Facts! Did you know?

  • Bright light regulates the suprachiasmatic nucleus clock, which is known by most as our body’s internal clock. This clock keeps our bodies set to the correct time.
  • Electric lighting accounts for one-fifth of the total electrical energy used in the U.S.
  • Students perform significantly better in environments that are lit with natural, rather than artificial, light. The study, one of the largest of its kind, tracked test scores for 22,000 students in California, Colorado, and Washington. Researchers report a 26 percent higher learning rate in reading and 20 percent higher in math in rooms with the most natural light. Source: Heschong Mahone Group
  • 20% of our population suffer varying degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Individuals with SAD may experience emotional depression, a drop in physical energy, an increased appetite, and an increased need for sleep. Lack of sufficient daylight is directly linked to SAD.
  • As you age, the lenses of your eyes thicken and the pupils shrink in size, causing your eye to adapt much more slowly to changing light conditions. Researchers McFarland and Fisher reported that to accommodate the adaptation of the aging eye, the amount of light required for visual acuity doubled for every 13 years after the age of 20. It is clear that softer, natural light equals better vision.
  • American homeowners said if they had a choice of accessories for the ultimate dream bathroom, No. 1 on the list would be a skylight to bathe the bathroom with more natural light.
  • Sunlight heals a variety of skin problems. A bit of sun, 15 minutes or less on a regular basis, may help control eczema, acne, psoriasis, and even dandruff. UV rays interfere with the proliferation of abnormal skin cells that trigger eczema and psoriasis. Researchers are working to pinpoint more precisely how UV rays affect the skin’s immune system.
  • American companies lose as much as $22.8 billion each year to lost productivity resulting from poor ventilation. 
Source: Harvard School of Public Health.
  • Studies comparing natural daylighting to conventional electric lighting show students who attended elementary schools where natural daylighting is used have better attendance, better dental records, and grew more – 3/4” taller over a 2 year period.
  • People need vitamin D for calcium to be absorbed by the body to strengthen teeth and bones and other tissue to maintain a healthy skeleton throughout life. Two sources of vitamin D are diet and sunlight. In healthy human bodies, 80% of vitamin D is developed through exposure to natural light. A vitamin D deficiency could result in the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis, which affects mostly women.