My Safe Florida Home

Keep Your Florida Home Safe with My Safe Florida Home

The My Safe Florida Home program provides free windstorm inspections and matching grants to help Florida homeowners retrofit their houses. The program aims to strengthen homes against hurricane-force winds and windborne debris.

Upgrades like a secondary water barrier, reinforced roof deck attachments, and storm shutters can prevent costly damage during storms. They also result in insurance discounts in many cases.



To qualify for the My Safe Florida Home program, you must have:

  • A site-built, single-family home or townhouse in Florida. Mobile homes do not qualify.
  • A home built before January 1, 2008
  • Home insurance coverage of $700,000 or less
  • Homeowners of all income levels can get a free inspection. Lower-income households may receive up to a $10,000 matching grant for recommended upgrades.



The My Safe Florida Home program walks you through protecting your home step-by-step:

  • Please apply online at the My Safe Florida Home Portal.
  • qualified inspector assigned to you by the My Safe Florida Home Program will assess your home and provide a report with recommended improvements.
  • You choose an eligible contractor from a list provided by the program. Kelly Roofing is on the list!
  • Submit the inspection report and project bid when applying for a matching retrofit grant. Grants cover up to $10,000 or half the cost of upgrades.
  • If approved, our team or your contractor of choice will schedule the work. The project must meet program requirements.
  • Once finished, the inspector will do a final check to ensure the work was done properly.
  • You’ll receive the grant funds after your project passes the final inspection.
  • Enjoy your strengthened home and possible discount on insurance rates!
  • Rest easier knowing your home is better prepared to withstand the next big storm.



After an assigned inspector has signed off on your home, Kelly Roofing can provide a free estimate for making the recommended upgrades. If your home meets the requirements, you can apply for a state grant to cover half the cost, up to $10,000.

As an established local roofing contractor, we are familiar with the My Safe Florida Home program. We can do the installation work if you are approved for a grant. Our experienced crews use only the best materials to provide long-lasting protection. We also handle all the paperwork, permits, and program compliance.



Don’t wait until a hurricane warning to prepare. Act now to protect your biggest investment – your home. Contact us today to schedule a free My Safe Florida Home inspection. Together, we can make sure your Florida house is ready to stand strong against the next big storm.