Flat Roof Repair

Your flat roof is unique and requires care and management different from other roofing systems. Paying attention to problems before they become overwhelming is key to ensure your roof lasts a long time.

Look for these signs of flat roof damage:

  • Improperly installed fasteners
  • Improper, or no seals at flashings
  • Backwater flaps
  • Ponding Water
  • Gable end flashings not correct

Working with a Florida area roofing expert can help you solve flat roof repair problems faster and easier. When you get a leak in your flat roof, experience storm damage, or need a roof repair assessment, call Kelly Roofing. As your Florida area experts, we will help you solve your flat roof repair problems.

Water ponding on flat roof

Signs You Need Flat Roof Repair

Roof leaks

A roof leak can travel a long way down the length of your flat roof, making the source hard to track. By the time it is noticed, there can be extensive damage to the roof, the underlayment, and possibly the underlying spaces for your ventilation and air conditioning system. Kelly Roofing knows how to spot these issues BEFORE they turn into big, costly problems.

Roof Leaks

Storm damage

If your flat roof has suffered from hurricane damage, you’re well aware of what unpredictable storm weather can do. We’re prepared to respond quickly to storm damage, and take steps to keep things from getting worse. We understand the state codes and will help make this stressful time easier for you to navigate as we restore your flat roof.

Storm Damage


Ponding refers to the collection of water in spots on your flat roof. Unattended, it can result in big problems down the road and can break down the roofing material and cause roof leaks or damage to your flat roof. Flat roofs are at risk for ponding water if drains and gutters are filled with leaves or tree branches. Kelly Roofing can advise you on how to avoid or correct ponding.


Sun damage

Our Florida roofs take a beating from the sun. We know how the sun can wear down a roof and have solutions to help you extend the life of your flat roof for as long as possible.

Sun Damage

Flat Roof Cleaning

There are many professional roof cleaning companies who will clean your roof, but they use high-pressure wash and harsh chemicals which harm your landscaping and the environment. Their efforts could even void any warranties still active on your roof. To get a clean roof without this unnecessary damage, a soft wash with an all-natural cleaning solution is needed.

Kelly Roofing will help you restore your roof to its like-new condition, without damaging your roof, your warranty, or the environment.

You want your flat roof to look great all the time. Just like any other roof, keeping your flat roof clean will extend its life and reduce damage. Keeping the drains and gutters clear of debris is an important first step. Dirt, algae, moss, and fungi can also collect and slowly cause damage.

Flat Roof

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

If water has breached your roof, the signs may not be obvious right away. Knowing what to look for can help prevent any further damage to your roof and inside your building. If you suspect you may have a leak or know you need an inspection, its time to eliminate the stress of not knowing. Our professionals are well versed in all the newest technology in the roofing industry. Kelly Roofing can help you enjoy a long-lasting, worry-free flat roof.

Here are common flat roof problems to learn more.