Never Worry About Your Florida Roof Again

Don’t let a roof with a 50 year lifespan turn into one with a 25 year lifespan, join Kelly Roofing’s Roofiversary program today! Proactive maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your roof. Protect your roof against the harsh Florida weather with our immediate emergency response following any storm damage.


Most roofing product manufacturers require documented periodic inspections to maintain warranty coverage. Only a certified contractor can perform such inspections. Cleaning companies are not certified, and they end up causing damage which you must pay to repair. Let Kelly Roofing take away the hassle! We are proud to offer our Roofiversary program to roof owners, regardless of who installed your roof. This program is an every-other-year service designed to keep your roof healthy, looking fresh, and double the remaining life.

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This is Roofiversary

  • An inspection every two years
  • Maintain warranty coverage
  • Inspect – Maintain – Clean – Warranty
  • Inspection for damages and abnormal wear & tear
  • Know your roof is up to current Florida building codes
  • Protect from unnecessary roof leaks
  • Double the life of your tile roof – 25 vs. 50 Years
  • Hurricane Response Priority
  • Enjoy a worry-free, clean roof
  • Immediate emergency response after a storm

Kelly Roofing has completed over 60,000 jobs in Florida since 1972

We want to make maintaining your roof as simple as possible. By performing an inspection and maintaining important details we ensure the roof’s proper performance and warranty coverage. This will extend the life of your roof, saving you money. Even if Kelly Roofing didn’t install your roof, once inspected and maintained, we can cover the roof under our own warranty for two full years.

Roofiversary Steps


Our Roofiversary program starts with a rooftop health inspection, making sure it is up to code and identifying any important issues.

Here is our Inspection Checklist to see what we cover.



Having a local roofer to depend on allows you to save money, have less worry, and double the remaining life of your tile roof. We maintain records of the roof’s performance, making repairs before they become hassles.

Head to our Tile Roof Repair page to learn more!



Keeping your roof clean can seem like a never-ending job in Florida. Keep stern HOA letters at bay for 2 years with our Soft Wash and Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solutions, keeping your roof beautiful and algae growth free. We’re your one-stop shop for clean tile roofs.



Having a local roofer to depend on, maintaining records of the roof’s performance and making repairs before they become huge hassles allows you to save money, have less worry, and double the remaining life of your tile roof.

Head to our Tile Roof Repair page to learn more!


Roofiversary: Double Your Roof’s Life

Joining the Roofiversary program will save you thousands of dollars on roof costs with regular maintenance and cleaning by doubling the life of your roof.

Roofs in the Roofiversary program have seen their tile roof’s life double from 25 to 50 years.

Our inspection will help document and keep your roof’s warranty. Payment plans are available for a monthly roof investment option.

"Kelly Roofing you inspect our roof annually and make all repairs as needed. When Irma hit we had zero roof damage compared to most neighbors that did have tiles missing. Prevention is key!"

Roofiversary: Preventing Leaks and Black Streaks

If your tile roof is starting to look older than it is because of black streaks, we can eliminate the cause of the black streaks and keep your roof clean for two full years. Our process of cleaning with an all-natural soft wash and Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution keeps your roof looking great. Re-applying every two years will keep your tile roof looking fresh and streak-free for life!

Roof Cleaning Benefits

  • Restore the look of your roof
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Prolong roof life
  • Maintain your home’s value
  • Prevent HOA nasty-grams
  • Prevent damages & leaks caused by non-roofing companies
  • Maintain your roof’s warranty

Our eco-friendly soft wash roof cleaning will also treat the cause of the problem without harming your roof, landscaping, pets, or the environment. Because we use a soft wash to clean and our Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution your roof warranty also stays intact.

Head to our Roof Cleaning page to learn more!

Top Flashing

Top flashing is important to use with your tile roof. It protects your underlayment and interior from invasive water. Without top flashing, the water flows under your tile and on top of your underlayment, causing deterioration and leaks. Having top flashing keeps water on top of the tiles and protects the roof’s underlayment. It’s the reason why roofs in the rest of the world last more than 50 years and roofs in Florida must be replaced before 25 years. Double the life of your roof by ensuring your top flashing is performing properly today.

Head to our Top Flashing page to learn more!