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Never worry about your roof again.

Roofing solutions to eliminate any worry about your roof.

Double the remaining life of your roof by performing bi-annual inspections. The Roofiversary program will:

  • Inspect for any potential issues.
  • Maintain your roof for a longer lifespan.
  • Clean those unsightly black streaks with no harm to your roof or the environment.
  • Warranty against leaks and black streaks for 2 full years.
    Visit our Roofiversary page to learn more.

You should never have to worry about your roof. Each roof type has different needs when it comes to repairs. As America’s Roofing Contractor of the Year, Kelly Roofing can help you eliminate the stress of unexpected roof costs by caring, communicating, and performing consistent maintenance so you can save money and enjoy a worry-free life.

Visit our Roof Repair page to learn more.

When you need a new roof, you want to know your roofer has the unique skill set each material type requires. This will give you confidence your roof was installed to last. We take away the stress of roof replacement by caring, communicating, and being consistent so you can enjoy a long-lasting, worry-free roof. We install tile, shingle, metal, Tesla, and flat roofs.

Visit our Roof Replacement page to learn more.

Your Florida roof protects you from the elements every day. Accessorizing your roof will help it protect you better and can also raise your quality of life. From wind mitigation to gutters and roof cleaning to skylights and insulation, Kelly Roofing can assist you in upgrading your roof.

Visit our Accessories page to learn more.