Tesla Solar Roof

Converting Solar Power

Solar energy produces multiple spectrums of light; even moonlight generates power. The energy is collected by your Tesla Solar Roof as DC (Direct Current). It passes through a Power Inverter where the power is converted to AC (Alternating Current) and used as your primary power source. If the roof area is large enough, you may never need utility power again.

Tesla Powewall Battery Backup
In the event of a power outage or nightfall, power is pulled from your Tesla Powerwall. Backup generators can take up to 10 minutes to start, but Powerwall has a nearly instant start, so you won’t notice a power outage. Your Powerwall recharges with solar, giving you virtually infinite access to electricity

Visit our Powerwall page to learn more.
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Cost Comparison

Pricing is based on the size of the roof, the size of the PV array, and the number of Powerwall battery backups chosen. Tesla’s online calculator is a great starting point for basic pricing. 

Kelly Roofing will help you decide if investing in a new roof now or maintaining your existing one makes more financial sense. We try to pair a large enough PV array and Powerwalls to eliminate the need to use utility company electricity for maximum efficiency and early payback.

Are you interested in Tesla, but you don’t need a new roof? Check out our Tesla Solar Panel page.

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Tesla Solar Roof vs. Other Solar Roofs

Tesla Solar Roofs are the first and only solar photovoltaic array that is both the roofing material and the power-producing panel in one. This provides a premium roof system that pays for itself over time. 

Tesla Roofs are guaranteed for 25 years, which covers all the roof components as well, providing one of the most comprehensive warranties in the roofing industry. 

Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and are engineered for all-weather protection.