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Tile Roof Replacement

The beauty, sustainability, and durability of tile roofing makes it appealing to many Florida roof owners. They are produced in clay, concrete, or modern material blends for strength, colorfast beauty, and amazing longevity. Choosing tile for your roof replacement protects you, your possessions, and your investment.

Benefits of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is one of the oldest roofing methods in existence. With proper maintenance, tile roofs can last over 50 years, in addition to these incredible benefits:

Tile Roof Lifespan

Tile roofs are the oldest and most popular roofs in every weather climate around the world. They should last 50+ years with the correct installation and maintenance. However, most roofers cut corners during installation. This not only cuts the life of your tile roof in half, but it also gives you another thing to worry about: your roof. Choosing a reliable roofer to install your new tile roof is the first step towards a worry-free, long-lasting roof. Kelly Roofing takes away the stress of roof replacement by caring, communicating, and being consistent so you can enjoy the roof you deserve – without worry. We continue to care about your roof via our Roofiversary bi-annual roof inspection program to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Top Flashing

Top flashing is a major component in having a worry-free tile roof. In Florida, more than 90% of tile roofs do not have flashings. Without top flashing, the water flows under your tile and on top of your underlayment, causing deterioration and leaks. Having top flashing keeps water on top of the tiles and protects the roof’s underlayment. It’s the reason why roofs in the rest of the world last more than 50 years and roofs in Florida must be replaced before 25 years. Double the life of your roof by ensuring your tile roof is installed correctly. Head to our Top Flashing page to learn more!

Never Worry About Your Roof Again

Kelly Roofing’s vast experience with installing and repairing tile roofs makes us a natural partner if you are seeking tile roof replacement. We adhere to the most stringent building codes and follow the recommended practices as laid out in the Tile Roofing Institute’s Florida High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Manual. Kelly Roofing handles it all, so you never have to worry about your roof again.

The Kelly Clean Guarantee

We take as much pride in our work as you do in your home. That’s why we do everything we can to protect your property as we work on your roof. We protect your driveway, windows, doors, screens, pools, fountains, A/C units, plants, trees, and other landscaping. We clean up every day, not only at the end of the job. We show up to work in clean trucks, clean uniforms, and with a drug-free staff. With Kelly Roofing, we guarantee you’ll love the way we do CLEAN. This is the Kelly Clean Guarantee.