Metal Roof Repair

Many Florida homeowners seek the economy and reliability of shingle roofs. They are the single most popular roofing material in America and can offer years of good service. Proper care will help them last decades instead of years. Because they are susceptible to storm damage, they need regular maintenance to extend their life.

Look for these signs of roof damage:

The list of possible trouble spots is really just as long as other roofing materials because every roof is an integrated system. With conscientious metal roof repair from a local roofer, you can expect to benefit from metal roofing’s best qualities while safeguarding against the predictable issues.

Metal roof rust issues

Roof Assessment

You can scope out the need for shingle roof repair after a hurricane, high winds, or if you are noticing leaks. First, look at your roof from the ground or an extension ladder. We advise against going up on your roof; even a low-pitched roof can be a slippery, dangerous place. You can also examine the underside of your roof from your attic. Look for indications of water infiltration:

Missing Flashing

Incorrectly installed or missing flashing is a common problem for many roof owners in Florida. Having flashing repaired or added will help extend the life of your roof while keeping you safe and dry inside.

Ell Flashing Not Sealed Properly
Cracked plastic boot on flat roof

Crumbling Rubber Boot

Contrary to popular misconception, metal roofs do not quickly rust away. The alloys and coatings used in today’s metal roofing relegate metal roof repairs primarily to the non-metal parts or your metal roof. These can easily be replaced.

Improper Fastener Installation

When fasteners aren’t installed correctly they can start lifting, causing damage to the roofing system and allow leaks into your building. Cap flashing is often not fastened correctly and can then sustain damage during high winds, leaving your underlayment open to the elements. Water can also travel behind the metal panels into your building.

Naples Metal Roof Repair
Turbine Vents Not Working

Damaged rooftop vents

Having the correct ventilation is another important part of having a well-performing roof. You can tell if your vents are damaged if they are dented or lifting from your roof. Also, look for signs of water intrusion around the vent area in your attic.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

If water is wreaking havoc on the inside of your roof, the signs may not be obvious. Knowing the stage of a metal roof leak can help prevent any further damage inside your building. If you suspect you may have a leak or know you need an inspection, its time to eliminate the stress of not knowing. Kelly Roofing can help you enjoy a long-lasting, worry-free metal roof.

Here are common metal roof problems to learn more.

Damaged metal roof

There are many professional roof cleaning companies who will clean your roof, but they use high-pressure wash and harsh chemicals which harm your yard and the environment. Their efforts could even make the roof look worse and at times void any warranties still active on your roof. To get a clean roof without this unnecessary damage, a soft wash with an all-natural cleaning solution is needed.

Kelly Roofing will help you restore your roof to its like-new condition, without damaging your roof, your warranty, or the environment.

You want your metal roof to look great all the time. Humidity, dirt and debris, and acid rain all can affect how it looks. Restoring the like-new look can be as easy as cleaning the roof. This can also extend the life of your metal roof and reduce the need for expensive repairs or early replacement.