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Kelly Roofing Is The 2015 Microsoft Award Recipient

Ken Kelly, owner of the company with his father Joe, accepted the award on March 17 while on stage with Microsoft staff to discuss how he uses Microsoft products.

“It’s an absolute honor.” said Ken, “I think it’s pretty unique. We’re just a little family business, a roofing company, that doesn’t typically win this type of stuff.”

Kelly and Microsoft Dynamics

Three years ago, Kelly noted the need to find a prompt and secure communication method between his customers, sales staff, and administrative staff. His solution? Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which offers a unique platform for personalization of customer experiences, customer contact tasks, and analytics software to pick up patterns and predict outcomes.

“It doesn’t just manage customer relationships, marketing, or the sales process,” he said. “It does it all from start to finish and then back to the front again, to build a relationship with the customer.”


With the aid of Microsoft Dynamics, Kelly Roofing was able to double its business without increasing its staff. Able to be accessed remotely, (the majority of Kelly Roofing employees work outside the office), staff members are able to add notes to each file, receive reminder notices, and efficiently speed through the time-consuming daily tasks. The result? More time to spend with clients.

Award Nomination

PowerObjects, Minneapolis-based company, originally hired by Kelly to help us with the implementation of the program, nominated Kelly Roofing for the Microsoft award (last year, the award was won by Delta airlines).

There were several phone interviews throughout the process, and Kelly said Microsoft not only evaluated his firm on the use of its software but also took note of the emphasis his office places on volunteering. (Kelly is the wing leader for the Southwest Florida Angel Flight, where he arranges missions and recruits pilots to transport people in medical need.)

It’s a great honor to have our daily work at Kelly Roofing awarded by Microsoft.

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