Storm Roof Damage Repair and Replacement Emergency

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair

Kelly Roofing is proud to offer our 24-hour roofing response program. At any time, day or night, he calls our live help desk for immediate assistance (239) 228-3276.

Emergency Roof Services

Our entire team is notified of your emergency via email and cell phone. We are able to help diagnose the problem over the phone and dispatch a roofing repair crew. Service vehicles are pre-loaded with materials used for any type of roof system.

Advantages of our 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair Response Program:

  • Live 24 hour Help Desk
  • Fully equipped service vehicles for any type of roof system.
  • Services experts to help stop the leak first, and then help with the interior of the cleaning.
  • Fully documented with digital photos, thermal images, and registration listings to help you.
  • File a claim with your insurance company.
  • Prevent interior damage.


  • “The minimum charge for dispatch is $599.00, regardless of work completed.”
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