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5 Things to Know About Your Tile Roof

Tile roofing is beautiful and will last a very long time with regular inspections and proper maintenance. When you are inspecting your roof regularly, any minor damage can be identified quickly before it compounds and creates a larger repair. Proper maintenance will also keep your need for tile roof repair down to a minimum.

1 – Chipped or Broken Tiles

Your roof is the first line of defense from the elements. Tiles can be broken, cracked, or chipped during a storm by hail, flying debris, or even tree branches too close to the home. Tiles that have been damaged should be replaced immediately to prevent exposure to sun and rain.

2 – Tile Repair is not DIY

Most repair jobs are better left to the professionals. The way that tiles sit on your roof looks very uniform and artistic because it takes a well-seasoned roofer to know how to match tiles properly. When we match tiles it is not just for appearance but because we are closing up gaps that may cause damage to your home if left uncovered.

3 – Your Roof Needs a Regular Check Up

When you have your roof inspected regularly, you can prevent small damages from becoming a much larger problem. We are also able to identify areas that are potential problems and educate you, the homeowner, on what the best plan of action is to prevent further damage.

4 – Quality Materials Matters

When you need tile roof repair it is ideal to use the highest quality materials. Tile roofs are remarkably durable and well known for outlasting most other types of roofs. In some cases, tile roofs have been known to outlast the structure. In order for your roof to last longer start with quality materials and any repairs should be made with high quality tile as well as the underlayment.

5 – Cleaning Away Deposits

Tile roofs, after a while, produce efflorescence. This is the chalky deposits you notice on the surface of the tiles. It is easy to maintain this by simply buffing away the deposits with a clean rag after washing your roof.

We do not ever recommend walking on your tile roof. It is very dangerous and should be left up to the professionals. When it is time, call for an inspection to help maintain the life of your tile roof and head off any major repairs.

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