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6 Roof Maintenance Tips for Your Home

In the Fort Myers area, the Kelly Roofing team encounters all types of residential roofing, from utilitarian flat roofs to charming Spanish tile roofs. We know that homeowners want to preserve curb appeal and home value with regular roof maintenance. We offer these six quick tips to help, but remember: if you cannot get up safely on the roof, know that there are roofing contractors available who can help, equipped with the proper training and safety equipment.  Some issues are unique to a particular roofing material, but these three tips work for all roofs:

1: Gutters

Clean gutters extend the life of your roof because water cannot back up, rot the fascia and allow water infiltration into attic and walls. Gutters can often be cleaned safely from a ladder, with the proper footing.

2: Trees

Trim overhanging branches away from your roof to avoid blunt impact from branches breaking off during storms. From an extension ladder, sweep away branches and debris from your roof. Avoid walking on the roof, especially if your roof pitch (angle) is steep.

3: Flashing

Look at the thin, flexible metal around chimneys, sanitary stacks, vents or any roof piercings. Look for loose material, wear, or missing metal. Caulk and adhesives are often used in conjunction with flashing, and should not show cracks or gaps.

4: Shingle

Shingle roofs can be visually inspected from that same extension ladder while cleaning your gutters. Look for:

  • discoloration from algae
  • missing tabs or dislodged shingles
  • nail pops
  • granule loss (look in the gutters)

5: Tile or Metal

Tile and metal roofs should not be walked on by homeowners. Many warranties on tile or metal roofs are voided when inexperienced folks walk on them. Contact a local professional roofer, like Kelly Roofing, for metal or tile roof repairs and roof maintenance.

  • Tile discoloration may remedy itself. Efflorescence, the release of calcium hydroxide from cement tile, washes away from rainwater and exposure to carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Metal roofs clean very easily—use a hose, sometimes from the ground, to rid the roof of twigs, leaves and debris.

6: Flat

Flat roofs require frequent inspection and roof maintenance. Promptly remove:

  • Branches
  • Standing water
  • Dirt and debris

Inspect all seams and places where unlike materials meet. Check for sun damage (fading, crazing, blistering).

For expert repairs and roof maintenance, whether your roof is shingle, tile, metal or flat, contact Kelly Roofing today.

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