When Repairs Will Entitle You To A New Roof

If you’re like many homeowners in the Naples area, you might mistakenly believe that your homeowner’s insurance will only pay for a new roof if yours gets severely damaged by a covered peril listed in your policy. If you’re under this impression, you may not bother filing a claim for minor roof repairs because you’re responsible for a deductible. You might be surprised to learn that under certain circumstances, you can be entitled to a new roof even if the extent of the damage is just one broken tile or torn shingle.

Here, we’ll explain how you could qualify for a new roof, based on Florida state law and the 2017 building code.

State Law for Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

When one or just a few tiles or shingles are damaged on your roof, and you file an insurance claim, state law mandates that your insurer must replace the material in adjoining areas if it’s not possible to repair the damage so it matches the undamaged portion in quality, size or color. Florida roofing tends to fade over time due to constant exposure to the elements and UV radiation, and roofing material manufacturers discontinue profiles and colors on a regular basis. Unless your roof is virtually new when the damage occurs, it may be impossible to simply replace a single tile or shingle without the repaired area standing out glaringly against the remainder of the roof.

Florida’s Building Code on Roof Repairs

According to the section of Florida’s building code on roof assemblies and rooftop structures, if 25 percent of a roof needs to be repaired in a twelve-month period, the entire roof must be replaced to ensure that it conforms to the current code requirements.

How the Laws and Codes Add Up to a New Roof

If you file a roof damage claim and it turns out that it’s impossible to replace a damaged tile or shingle so it matches the remainder of your roof, your insurer will have to replace the entire section, from the roof ridge down to the edge. If that section equals more than a quarter of your total roof area, then your entire roof must be replaced so it’s brought up to code.

If your roof has sustained minor damage and you’d like to learn whether you’re entitled to a full replacement, contact us at Kelly Roofing, your trusted Naples, Florida roofing expert.