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No Warranty for Christmas?

The Christmas season around Naples should be a time of family togetherness and joyous surprises. At Kelly Roofing, however, we sometimes have to be the bearer of bad news for Naples homeowners about their tile roofing warranties… even during the holidays. It is unfortunate, because we see some roofers intentionally or unintentionally void warranties by cutting corners. These are the sorts of surprises nobody likes, so we would like to offer you a short list of ways your roof’s warranty could be compromised….because you deserve a warranty for Christmas!

Roofing warranties generally cover two basic components of your roof: the materials and installation.

Materials—the manufacturer warrants that their tiles and roofing accessories are free from defects for a given period, often up to fifty years.
Installation—the manufacturer knows the contractor installing your tile roofing, and can warrant the installation work for a given period.

Where did my warranty go?

We came across this sight: materials from two different manufacturers were used on this tile roofing project. Warranty = gone.

Roofing warranties are complicated and varied.  There are different levels of warranties offered by the same manufacturer, as well as warranties offered by your roofing contractor.

A general list of common exceptions for a manufacturer’s warranty includes:

  • Mixing one manufacturer’s materials with another’s, so two different brands are on one roof
  • Installing materials against manufacturer’s directions—for shingle roofing, this can include the number of nails per shingle, ignoring the nail line, or even the size of adhesive blobs used to temporarily hold down tabs until the shingle’s adhesive warms up
  • Storing, transporting, or handling roof products in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Subsequent repairs, replacements, or additions not done according to manufacturer’s directions
  • Attaching objects (such as satellite dishes) to the roof itself
  • Shingle roofing installed over old shingle roofing—the new shingles radiate heat more slowly, weakening them; the new shingle roofing may take on the rises and falls of the bottom layer (called telegraphing)
  • Inadequate ventilation


Winning with the Warranty

None of these issues should disrupt holiday happiness, because they can all be avoided simply by using a reliable, reputable, local roofer.

It is important to follow all manufacturers’ recommendations so as to preserve the integrity not only of your Naples roof, but of your roofing warranty. We offer many different warranties on our tile roof installations – and ensure that you get the warranty you were promised.

Our contractors at Kelly Roofing are trained and careful to follow manufacturer instructions on storing, transporting, and installing products, so that your roofing is secured against the notable Naples winds that blow through during hurricane season.

The safest way, then, to protect your investment in a new roof is to work with a professional roofing contractor like Kelly Roofing. We will not take short-cuts or mix materials that void your valuable roof warranty, at the holidays or anytime.

Contact Kelly Roofing when you need a repair or a new roof installed on your Naples home.

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