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Preparing Your Roof for a Storm

No matter what roofing material shields your Bonita Springs home, your roof needs to be storm-ready in the event of a hurricane, straight-line wind storm, or simply the constant onslaught of sometimes quite violent Florida summer thunderstorms. Even if Bonita Spring homeowners aren’t hit with hurricane-force winds, one thing is still certain: your roof will see its share of rain, wind, and most likely hail before the season’s over.

Before a Storm Hits

When it comes to your roof before a storm, think “batten down the hatches.” Wind will be the biggest culprit that affects your roof so, make certain to:

  • Add to the strength of your roof by using ring-shank nails when fastening roof decking during a re-roof.
  • Prevent roof deck exposure by re-cementing any loose shingles. Loose shingles lift with the wind and tear away, leaving the roof deck unprotected against rain.
  • Use a self-adhering membrane or roofing tape to seal the roof deck, minimizing the chance that rain can work its way into your attic.

Prepare, Repair, or Restore

A roofing professional checks your roof for weak areas that can cause havoc during a fierce storm or hurricane. Indications that an emergency roof repair or restoration is needed are grouped according to roofing material:

  • emergency-roof-repair-shingleShingle Roofing – All flashing needs to be sealed and aligned properly, and examined for rust, corrosion or separating. Shingle tabs that have curled or lifted due to a poor seal or wind damage, or those that have lost protective granules, need either replacing or resealing. We also examine vent turbines for proper seal and functionality.



  • Tile Roof Repair naples FloridaTile Roofing – In general, fasteners, tiles, flashing, ridges and risers must be in excellent working order. Chipped, delaminated, slipping or sliding tiles need to be repaired, restored or replaced. Flying tiles become projectiles during hurricane-force winds.



  • Metal Roof RepairMetal Roofing – Valley metal that buckles, fasteners that are an improper type or are no longer doing their job, and unsealed or unseated flashing are indications of problem areas on a metal roof.



  • Flat Roof RepairFlat Roofing – An emergency roof repair inspection for a flat roof includes checking for ponding water, torn, cracked or broken roof surfaces, improper or non-functioning fasteners, buckling, poor seals, and overall flashing problems.



For over thirty years, Kelly Roofing has been committed to its customers. We work hard to make sure our skilled roofing team remains current on all the latest advances in roofing technology and installation procedures.

If you would like a roof inspection in preparation for the storm season ahead, or are in need of emergency roof repair, contact Kelly Roofing.