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Is There a Storm Chaser at Your Door? Look Away!

The Fort Myers area took a pummeling from recent storms, and we all know we will face many more episodes of heavy weather in the years to come. This means homeowners must brace themselves not only for storm damage but for storm chasers hoping to take advantage of them. Here is how to protect yourself from these scam artists.

What is a Storm Chaser?

In the Midwest, weather junkies are famously called storm chasers for tracking and filming tornadoes. But in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas, storm chasers are not so innocent as the folks in Tornado Alley. Fort Myers-area storm chasers are unscrupulous builders, roofers, and contractors hoping to cash in on your misery. They swoop in after a bad storm, offering to repair your home’s roof either without “bothering” the insurance company or so quickly, all you need to do is sign over the insurance claim check to them.


Modus operandi, the police term for how criminals operate, definitely applies to storm chasers. They are often on both sides of the legal line here, stepping over into illegal behaviors without remorse. No less an authority than Angie’s List warns readers about roof damage scams:

  1. They know what the insurance company will pay
  2. They know how little they will spend on the cheapest roof possible
  3. They solve no underlying issues, only slapping on a new, cheap shingle roof
  4. They disappear as soon as they get paid
  5. They perform no callbacks
  6. They make no attempt to restore the roof to proper, original condition

Homeowners scammed by these roof repair frauds will suffer from an inadequate roof that may only last five to seven years, says Angie’s List.

Signs of a Storm Chaser

Instead of relying on a local, dependable roofer who will work with their insurance company and provide a quality restoration from storm-related roof damage, some homeowners will fall for the storm chaser’s promises. If you have storm chasers at your door, recognize their warning signs:

  • No local physical address
  • No modern equipment, or only a single truck
  • No local telephone number
  • No references
  • No proof of worker’s compensation insurance or liability insurance
  • No state business license

Why subject yourself to this? Contact a local, trusted roofer like award-winning Kelly Roofing and have your storm damage fixed the right way the first time. Contact us today to learn more about the tricks and traps of storm chasers.