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Ken Kelly Attends TRI’s High Wind Installer Certification Program

We are not strangers to the dangers of high winds to our homes. Even tile roofing on our homes is vulnerable to high winds, which is why there are code requirements for the proper installation of a tile roof in Florida.tile-roofing-fort-myers

High Wind Installer Certification

Just recently, Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing, attended the Tile Roofing Institute’s (TRI) High Wind Installer Certification program. This course is intended to introduce entry level or experienced roofers on how to install a tile roof to the established code in the state of Florida. It can also be used as a refresher by roofers who want to stay up-to-date on procedures and codes. Once they are certified through this course they can then be listed on TRI’s website in their Find a Contractor search.

Code-Plus System

Tile roofs can and have sustained substantial damage during hurricanes. With Fort Myers homes being vulnerable to storm and wind damage, Kelly Roofing developed a “Code-Plus” system by using the newest roofing technologies with already proven techniques.

In 2003, we invented the Hybrid Tile Adhesive & 1 Stainless Steel Screw Assembly. While we offer a range of tile attachment methods, we recommend this system; with a track record of surviving hurricane wind damage, many other contractors are beginning to adopt this installation method now.

Tile Roofing Option

Kelly Roofing offers nine different tile options to choose from, and only uses the highest quality tile roofing materials available. Kelly Roofing highly recommends the Entegra Roof Tile because:

  • It has the least amount of breakage
  • It has an advanced manufacturing process that gives color consistency
  • It gives homeowners the ability, at no extra charge, to create a custom blend from standard tile colors unique to their roof

With Entegra roofing tile you can also get assistance in choosing the right color tile for your roof from a design professional.

Since taking over Kelly Roofing in 1993, Mr. Kelly has helped the family-owned business grow to being one of the top roofing contractors in the United States. Kelly Roofing responds to the needs of the community during times of disaster, knowing all too well the effects of high winds on a tile roof.

For more information about our tile roof installation services, contact us at Kelly Roofing. Our family owned business has been serving the Fort Meyers community with dedication for over 30 years.

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