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We Recycle – Do You?

Recycling at Home

You can easily do your part in reducing the amount of waste in landfills by recycling at your Estero home. These are some of the ways that you can help out:

Recycle as Much as Possible. Paper and plastic aren’t the only materials that you can recycle. Other materials and items, including electronics and furniture, can be recycled as well.

Purchase Products Made From Recycled Materials. Check labels and look for an indication that the products you are purchasing were manufactured with recycled materials. These products are becoming much easier to find in stores than they were years ago.

Donate Linens and Clothing. Rather than throwing out clothes, towels, or bedding that you don’t want anymore, donate them to a local animal shelter or thrift store.

Start Composting. Create your own recycling place right in your yard by composting. This gives you a way to recycle certain types of food and garden waste, which turns into compost. You can then use that recycled waste for gardening purposes.

Leave Grass Clippings in Place. Instead of cleaning up grass clippings and tossing them in a garbage bag, leave them where they are. They’ll become a convenient source of fertilizer for your yard.

Roof Recycling

Kelly Roofing is committed to recycling as much as possible. In fact, we recycle 90 percent of roofing debris, which comes out to roughly 10,000 tons per year. We take recyclable materials, such as asphalt shingles and concrete roof tiles, to recycling centers where they are then used for other purposes, such as road construction.

Considering that roofing projects in the US produce around 11 million tons of waste, this Estero roofing company is proud to be doing its part to keep as much waste as possible out of landfills. If you’re looking into eco-friendly ways to improve your home, Kelly Roofing can get you started by installing a new longer-lasting roof that will not have to be replaced for a long time.  We could also install a new metal roof made of recyclable materials.

To learn more about our green recycling practices, contact Kelly Roofing. We would also be happy to help you when you are in the market for a new roof.