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If a Hurricane Warning was called for Southwest Florida would you:
Head for the hills?
Wait until danger is close and then seek shelter?
Ride out any storm?
On an overnight trip to Paris, France the one thing you do is:
Visit the Louvre Museum to enjoy centuries of art? (The Mona Lisa is there)
Marvel at the Notre Dame Cathedral stonework?
Tour the Eiffel Tower?
Recently you purchased a new expensive TV from Best Buy. Did you:
Purchased the brand you trusted, knowing the TV would last?
Study the manufacturer’s warranty and pick the TV with the longest standard warranty?
Purchase the full extended warranty with accidental protection for an extra fee?
Today’s forecast calls for a 50% chance of showers all day. Do you:
Like the rain and get wet?
Seek shelter if it does rain?
Bring a rain jacket and umbrella with you in preparation?
Your local grocery store recently announced a savings reward program. If you purchase a $200 annual reward card, all your groceries will be discounted 20%. Do you:
Shop somewhere else?
Wait until you have a large order and purchase the card then?
Buy the card?
When speaking about your car, do you prefer to:
Buy a new car every two years?
Stick with a car for a few years until it starts having problems?
Do you believe cars should be run into the ground?
Speaking of your car, do you:
Try to follow the maintenance guidelines?
Follow the maintenance scheduled to the letter?
Fix it when it breaks?
When thinking about your monthly electric bill:
You simply pay the bill without thought.
Look for simple ways to reduce the bill.
Think it’s worth an investment now to off-set the monthly bill.
You are planning a cruise vacation. You:
Scour the Internet looking for the best deal, even if you have to sacrifice itinerary.
Figure this is a big trip and find a good cruise line, balcony cabin with the itinerary you want.
Strike a balance between price, itinerary and cabin type.
Below are your results based on your selection. The type of roof that has the most counts when all the questions are answered is the type to roof that matches your preference.