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What Type Of Roof Is Best For A Tesla Solar Roof?

Sometimes prospective customers reach out and ask us what type of roof works best with Tesla Solar Roofs. This is a hard question to answer because Tesla Solar Roofing is different from traditional rooftop solar panels.

Traditional solar panels, known as rack-mounted photovoltaic systems, are installed on top of the roof. Tesla Solar Roofing, on the other hand, is the roof. It’s not mounted on top of your roof. Instead, it’s used in place of another roofing material. So, there is no need to choose a roofing material if you have Tesla Solar Roofing installed. Here’s a more in-depth look.

Rack-Mounted PV Systems

If you were to have a rack-mounted PV system installed, the best roof material would be the longest-lasting one, which is metal. Rack-mounted PV systems are elevated off your roof, but the installer has to punch holes in the roof material to install them. This compromises the roof material and can cause it to deteriorate faster.

Sometimes, homeowners with rack-mounted PV systems experience their roof wears out faster than the solar panels. Then, the solar panels have to be removed for the roof to be replaced. This is a real hassle and a significant expense. Choosing durable metal roofing decreases the chance of this happening, but there are still no guarantees.

Benefits of Tesla Solar Roofing

Tesla Solar Roofing is different from rack-mounted PV systems. We call it a built-in photovoltaic system, or BIPV system. With Tesla Solar Roofing, you don’t have to worry about what type of roof you install or about one component wearing out before the other.

Because it is one system, Tesla Solar Roofing has some advantages over traditional, rack-mounted PV systems.

With a rack-mounted PV system, you’d have separate companies responsible for the roof and solar panels. Tesla Solar Roofs are installed and maintained by one company. If you ever have any issues or need repairs, you know who to call.

There’s also no risk of your roof failing before your solar panels. This makes Tesla Solar Roofs a more affordable choice in the long run. Rack-mounted PV systems end up costing more long-term because of the way they are secured to the roof.

If you’re interested in a Tesla Solar Roof, contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida. We are a proud Tesla Certified Installer and will be happy to give you an estimate.