3 MORE Ways Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Better Than Solar Shingles

We’re often asked why Tesla Solar Roof tiles are better than solar shingles. The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, but we do need to clarify something before we answer it. Solar shingles are the same thing as solar tiles. The terms are interchangeable. The Tesla Solar Roof does consist of solar shingles or [...]

How Does The Tesla Solar Roof Use Solar Energy For My Home?

The Tesla Solar Roof is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to produce their own sustainable power. As a potential customer, you may wonder exactly how solar energy is used. In other words, how does the energy get from the Tesla Solar Roof to your appliances? The answer depends on your situation.  […]

How Kelly Roofing Partnered With Tesla To Bring FL The Best Solar Roof

Kelly Roofing is proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer. We’ve helped countless Florida homeowners start harnessing their own solar energy with Tesla Solar Roofs and Powerwalls. Recently, Ken Kelly had an opportunity to discuss Tesla products on the Not a Roofers Podcast. Ken has received many rewards, including the RT3 Innovator of the Year [...]

How Tesla Is Changing The Roofing Industry With Superior Solar

We often speak about the Tesla Solar Roof as being revolutionary. We tell clients that Tesla’s solar products are superior, and we recommend them over other brands. But why? Does Tesla really stand head-and-shoulders above the rest? Are they truly changing the future of solar roofing? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Here’s how they’re [...]

3 Ways Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Better Than Solar Shingles

Customers sometimes ask us how Tesla Solar Roof Tiles differ from solar shingles. The simple, short answer is solar shingles and solar tiles are the same thing. The terms can be used interchangeably! While we usually refer to the Tesla Solar Roof as being made from solar tiles, they could be accurately described as solar [...]

Kelly Roofing Is Excited To Announce Their Success With Tesla Solar Roofs

Naples, Florida – Kelly Roofing, a Florida roofing company founded in 1972, has found success as a Tesla Certified Installer. The company installs Tesla Solar Roofs, Tesla Solar Panels, and Tesla Powerwalls. Providing these services to roof owners has fit well with Kelly Roofing’s dedication to innovation and customer service. […]

What Is Roof Maintenance Like For A Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roofs help lower your carbon footprint, produce green energy, and give you freedom from the power grid. But one question customers often have for us is how much maintenance these roofs require. Sometimes, people worry such a tech-driven roof system will require extensive maintenance and care — but this is not the case [...]

How To Cut Roof Replacement Costs With A Tesla Solar Roof

It’s time for a new roof, and this time around, you want the most eco-friendly, sustainable option possible. A roof which collects solar energy can offset electricity costs and protect you during power outages. But there are two options to consider: classic solar panels and Tesla Solar Roofs.  […]

How To Tell If A Tesla Solar Roof Is A Bargain

Is a Tesla Solar Roof a bargain? If you dig into the benefits of a Tesla Solar Roof, you’ll learn they do, in fact, have a great return on investment. By producing electricity and offsetting your electrical costs, Tesla Solar Roofs eventually pay for themselves. They are a bargain, but they’re a bargain over time. [...]

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