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Brighten Your Fort Myers Home With Skylights

Have you ever wondered how to create a brighter and more appealing home environment for your family? By installing Velux skylights or sun tunnels to increase natural light, you can give any room in your Fort Myers home a more spacious and inviting appearance.

What Do Skylights Add to Your Home?

Filling the home with natural daylight offers many benefits for both health and well-being. Some advantages to be gained when you add them to your Fort Myers home are:

  • Reduced energy costs – natural light will flood dim areas of the house, reducing the need for lights
  • Health benefits for Youth – Living in a home with a surplus of natural daylight helps younger family members learn more easily and promotes healthy growth
  • Better Sleep Patterns – reduced need for artificial lighting keeps the body clock ticking at a natural rhythm, promoting normal sleep patterns
  • Health benefits for Elderly – older family members will find the lighter environment in the home promotes safety, reducing trips and falls
  • Increased Home Value – Skylights enhance sales value for your home, if you choose to sell


Choose Velux!

Kelly Roofing, a professional, high-quality contractor serving in the Fort Myers area, installs Velux skylights and sun tunnels, which can transform any room in your home. If you have a dark or otherwise mundane room, it is an easy matter for a qualified contractor to install a skylight or sun tunnel and flood the area with light.

Velux skylights come in a variety of designs, complementary to your home’s ambiance. You will find that sun tunnels or Velux skylights (available with solar-powered shades and electric or manual venting) will provide you with all the light and fresh air you need anywhere within the home, while the range of available designs will ensure you find just the right skylight to enhance and perfect your home’s decor.

Reducing the need for artificial lighting in dark or shady areas of your Fort Myers home is one of the best decisions you can make. You’ll find many benefits from the increased light in your home – and may even discover your mood is lifted with the cheery light of the sunshine.

To learn more about Velux skylights and sun tunnels and whether they are a good option for your home improvement, contact Kelly Roofing – we’d love to help you out!