How To Get A Leak In Your Tile Roof Flashing Fixed

Water coming through your tile roof can lead to ruined ceilings, damaged insulation, rotten decking, and other water damages. Water damage could require you to replace sheetrock, carpet, and more. Roof tiles can be susceptible to leaks caused by various problems depending on the installation workmanship, the quality of the tile itself, top flashing, maintenance, [...]

How Florida’s Harsh Environment Causes Danger Signals

Living in South Florida, you know about the temperamental environment that we live in. Although the area is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, South Florida’s environment can be incredibly harsh on your roof. Roofing in our area is extremely complex; almost as complex as the weather. When deciding on [...]

What You Need to Know about Wind and Your Tile Roof

Wind mitigation is a term every Florida homeowner should know. It describes the practice of specific building techniques designed to limit roof damage inflicted by high winds. Your insurance company uses this term when accessing your roof’s durability in the face of high winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes. […]

Why Doesn’t Building Code Require Flashing?

Around the World Tile roofing is the most popular roof system in the world. In every other location, except for Florida, there are requirements to install flashings for tile roofs. In Florida, a strong builder lobby has convinced the Florida Building Code Commission that flashings are not necessary and that having an underlayment will keep [...]

Foam and Screws: A Super Combination for Tile Roof Wind Resistance

    From the 1950s–1990s, mortar was typically used to set roof tiles on Naples-area homes, but the wind damage caused by the devastating hurricanes of 1992 and 2004 showed the vulnerability of this installation method. Since then, new installation techniques have been introduced that help reduce uplift and improve wind mitigation, in particular foam [...]

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