Why Doesn’t Building Code Require Flashing?

Around the World

Tile roofing is the most popular roof system in the world. In every other location, except for Florida, there are requirements to install flashings for tile roofs. In Florida, a strong builder lobby has convinced the Florida Building Code Commission that flashings are not necessary and that having an underlayment will keep water out. These lobbying efforts have resulted in cheaper roofs, but these tile roofs need to be replaced more frequently as well.

Florida’s Weather

In other parts of the United States and the world, tile roofs are expected to last more than 50 years. But in Florida, it is an absolute rarity to find a tile roof over 25 years without major repairs needed and/or active leaks. In many cases, tile roofs start leaking at year 5 as the absent flashings have been replaced with sealants, which dry out and crack starting around year five.

Our Expertise

With almost a half-century of experience repairing tile roofs, Kelly Roofing has established the largest repair division in Southwest Florida. Yes, the builders have created a great market for us to capitalize on. But, it’s not fair to our customers. Our expertise has led us to learn that tile roofs without flashings are destined to fail at half their useful life, at year 25 versus year 50. The good news is that by adding flashings and redirecting and keeping water flow on top of the tile, sealants and underlayments are preserved, thus doubling the roof’s life.

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