An Inside Look At The Dos & Don’ts Of Clay Tile Roof Maintenance

Clay tile roofs can provide unique beauty and charm to a home, along with durability that can last 50 years or more when properly maintained. However, regular care is essential to get the most out of a tile roof. Here's an inside look at key dos and don'ts for clay tile roof maintenance that will [...]

How The Wind Mitigation Form Impacts The My Safe Florida Home Project

The effects of wind damage can be devastating. Floridians know the impact of wind damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, or severe thunderstorms. There can be damage to your property and a possible increase in insurance costs. That’s why you need to take advantage of the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) Program! It can save [...]

FAQ: Do Skylights Leak? Answers To This & Your Other Skylight Questions:

Skylights make great additions to any home. They allow lots of natural light in and help illuminate a room. But do skylights leak? Will they get damaged in a storm? Are they hurricane-approved? I’ll answer these questions and many more in this article. It’s not just a review of skylights but will teach you everything [...]

Kelly Roofing Named An Approved Contractor For My Safe Florida Home

Kelly Roofing is proud to announce we have become an approved contractor for My Safe FL Home. The program is a great way to help Floridians strengthen homes against hurricanes and will help homeowners save money! This approval, through The Department of Financial Services, means we are able to strengthen your roof against wind damage [...]

Stone Coated Steel Tile: What Is It? Can It Be Used On Your Roof?

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you may come across stone-coated steel roofing tiles. Although steel is not the most common roofing material on the market today, it is growing more popular by the day thanks to its high performance and longevity. Stone-coated steel tiles offer the same visual appeal as traditional [...]

What Is The Average Cost Of A Tile Roof And How Is It Determined?

A tile roof has a lot of advantages. Especially in storm-prone areas and hurricane zones, they offer ample protection from wind and rain. Tile is longer-lasting than most other roof materials, and it's also quite attractive. Despite these advantages though, some homeowners are hesitant to consider a tile roof for their home. Maybe they've heard [...]

Questions Answered! Tesla Powerwall Battery System: What Is It & How Many kWh Does This Battery System Hold?

When talking to clients about solar power, we often mention how much Tesla stands apart from the competition in this industry. The Tesla Solar Roof has changed the game for homeowners, making solar power more affordable, approachable, and usable.  One reason we are such big fans of Tesla is the Tesla Powerwall battery system. The [...]

How To Tell The Difference Between Leak-Rotted Wood and Termite Damage?

Termite damage and wood rot are two common culprits of wood destruction. They can be absolutely detrimental when it comes to the structural integrity of your home, especially when they affect the roof trusses. Since both leak-rotted wood and termite damage have similar-looking effects, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between the [...]

Going Green: Is Renewable Energy A Good Investment? A Discussion Of Tesla Solar Roof & Powerwall Systems!

Most people agree that "going green" with solar energy is a good choice for the planet. However, there's a common hangup that causes homeowners to hesitate on solar energy: finances. A Tesla Solar Roof does cost more than your typical metal or tile roof. So, homeowners sometimes fear that solar is a "bad" investment – [...]

New Florida Roofing Laws Protect You And Your Home

The past few years have been hard on Florida homeowners. Several severe hurricanes have hit land in Florida, causing remarkable destruction, including substantial damage to roofs. As a result of the destruction and resulting claims, homeowners’ insurance companies have been trying to back out of the state. Florida legislators have responded by passing new laws. [...]

Common Questions About High Winds, Vent Failures And Attic Water Damage!

Hurricanes Ian and Nicole have caused significant damage to Florida homes. Sadly, many residents have returned home to devastation. But even those whose homes and roofs fared well are discovering a common problem: water in the attic. Finding water in your attic, but no visible roof damage, can be perplexing. However, there is a simple [...]

Why Roofing Scams Hurt Everyone And What You Can Do To Help

Unfortunately, there are some less-than-honest roofing companies out there. You might think you’re too smart or skeptical to fall for a roofing scam, and you may be correct. However, the existence of these unscrupulous roofers is still harmful to you as a Florida homeowner. Roofing fraud raises the cost of homeowners’ insurance. When insurance companies [...]

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