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Does my roof need to be repaired or replaced?


  1. It could be less money than paying your deductible.
  2. Can we get the tiles?  Possibly, but we have to find used tiles that may match the profile, but not the color.  Therefore, we need to paint the tile, which will become a maintenance issue as you will need to repaint them.
  3. You likely don’t have the current building code standards for roofing or proper flashings.
  4. With the storm stress put on the roof, you’ll likely have to pay for more repairs over time to reap the full life of the roof.
  5. Each leak will likely have interior damages and additional costs.
  6. You might pay higher insurance premiums because the roof is not up to current codes.
  7. There is a risk of being dropped by your insurance carrier if your roof is more than 15 years old.
  8. When you do replace, you’ll pay for the roof and the new code enhancements out of pocket.
  9. Since Hurricane Wilma, we have seen a large number of repairs due to wind chatter causing premature roof damage, this often leads to premature roof replacement.


  1. No leaks or interior damages, because your new roof will be properly installed and free of storm stress.
  2. The roof will be up to new codes with Lower Insurance premiums for your home.
  3. All premiums are going to go up.  Having mitigation reductions will help offset those increases. This is something that can be added to your estimate as an upgrade if it is not covered within your homeowners’ insurance already.
  4. The insurance company pays for everything over the deductible and upgrades
  5. No miss-colored tiles/shingles
  6. Warranty covering the entire roof
  7. Roofing costs double every 10 years, getting it done now while you have the opportunity for your insurance company to help foot the bill can save you thousands of dollars in the future.
  8. Deductible will be covered by savings, and it can be financed through your property taxes if you have enough equity in the home to cover the full amount through the PACE program.
  9. One blown-off tile is a sign that the storm winds were strong enough to compromise the entire roof. This justifies an insurance claim that should be filed soon.

When you’re ready to have your roof inspected, give us a call and we will help you make the best choice for your roof, safety, and budget.