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What You Need to Know to Extend the Life of Your Tile Roof

Your tile roof is a beautiful and functional investment in your home, so you want to make sure that you get the most from it. Keep these strategies in mind to make your tile roof last as long as possible, in the best condition possible.

  • Tile roofs require cleaning and repair: By keeping up with your tile roof, you have the ability to double the life of your roof. 
  • Fix broken and cracked tiles: Water running under the tiles quickly decays sealants and underlayments and causes leaks. Repair cracked tiles quickly to prevent decay and keep the underlayment in its primary role as a secondary water protection for short-term purposes. Underlayment has an exposure warranty of 90 days, with 180 days standard on upgraded brands. We suggest having a roofer look at your roof every 2 years at the most.
  • Install top flashing:
  • Add valley flashing: Flashing in valley areas must be installed in a particular way or the exposed underlayment will fail. This is the #1 area of leaks that we find, for this reason. Sun exposure combined with constant water flow decays the underlayment, causing cracking and allowing leaks. The best solution is to remove the tiles on either side of the valley and install flashings. The metal flashings are designed to withstand sun exposure and water flow and will last the full 50 years of a tile roof’s life.
  • Stop pressure cleaning: 
  • Do a bi-annual inspection (every 2 years): Having your roof looked at every two years is an ideal interval. It’s long enough so you are not spending money unnecessarily and fits in line with our roof cleaning schedule. Inspections are free. We only charge you if you’d like for us to fix the items we may find, and for the cleaning.
  • Do an after-a-storm inspection: Right up there with sun and water, wind is one of the top 3 reasons why roofs have problems. High winds lift up materials and then place them back down again in a process called “chattering.” This could break the seal of the roofing material and allow leaks. By having the roof inspected, we can diagnose your roof to see if this has happened. The good thing about doing an inspection every two years is that the statute of limitations for insurance claims is five years in Florida. If your roof isn’t inspected and a leak occurs due to wind damage after the five-year period, you’ll be forced to pay for the work out of pocket. Kelly Roofing can help provide the documentation needed of the damage to submit an insurance claim. Documenting the damage is enough to preserve your rights, should you decide to pursue them later.
  • Keep trees trimmed: Overhanging trees cause a few issues.

Here’s how to speed the deterioration of your tile roof

  • Allow Palm Rats to access the roof: They will build a nest and find a way into your home. This is not the most pleasant topic, but one that should be discussed — the prevention of rodent infestation. Read more about that here.
  • Fail to keep vegetation away from the roof: Trees touching the roof rub away and damage the roofing materials as the tree sways back and forth. People don’t often consider trees abrasive, but that’s exactly what they are when rubbing up against the roof. Additionally, debris, algae, and pollen are dropped on the roof when trees hang over it. This can lead to roof material breakdown and eventually cause a leak.

Want our help in keeping your valuable tile roof in the best shape possible? Contact us at Kelly Roofing for tile roof repair, replacement, strategies, or maintenance advice.