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Flat Roof – Repair or Replacement?

APPLEBEE'S 007There are many things that might lead to flat roof replacement or repair. Flat roof technology uses an overlapping design. This means the quality of the seams, membrane installation, and other aspects of a flat roof are critical to its integrity.

Leaks and damage can signal that the entire roof is aging, or that problems are happening roof-wide rather than in an isolated area. If the roof has been installed and repaired by a single contractor, it is likely that any problem leading to a leak is widespread.

A qualified and experienced flat roof replacement company will conduct an inspection and show you every area that needs attention. Remember, overlapping systems rely on everything they are connected to, so exact and proper installation is critically important.

Be sure to get an inspection from a Florida contractor, like Kelly Roofing, with experience in our climate, and who is familiar with our local codes and conditions. The more years local experience a company has, the better for you.

Flat Roof Problems

There are some common problems that can cause you to need flat roof replacement. Below are some of the more major issues.

  • Fasteners not properly used. Fasteners are essential to the installation of a flat roof. Using too few, wrong flatteners for the job, and other mistakes can make manufacturer warranties void, cause code violations, and create damaging leaks.
  • Membrane slippage. Membrane installation requires special attention to detail. Not using enough fasteners, not using the proper fasteners, and not imbedding them properly will lead to problems with slippage and tears.
  • Water ponding that sits for more than 48 hours without evaporating can break down asphalt and other materials. Ponding also causes oil migration, and when oil is used for waterproofing this will leave some areas unprotected. Ponding can be an issue when drainage is not’t done correctly.
  • Rusty flashing, flashing seams separating, or flashing not correctly sealed allows gaps that water seeps into.
  • Improper lapping and sealing of vents causes leaks.
  • Metal buckling. Doing flat roof replacement on top of unsound material will cost money down later on.
  • Plastic boots dry out in our climate and gaps and cracks result. Again, small gaps and cracks become big gaps and cracks.

The only way to get the full story on flat roof replacement or repair is to contact a flat roof professional, like the team at Kelly Roofing, to inspect your roof. It’s important not to delay. It does not’t take long for a small leak to become a big problem.