How To Protect Your Flat Roof In High Wind Vortex Patterns

As you know, here in Naples, FL, we're no stranger to hurricanes. Unfortunately, the high wind vortex patterns we experience during hurricane season can wreak havoc on your roof. Even flat roofs are vulnerable to potential wind damage. It's why you'll want to take precautionary steps before hurricane season hits to make sure your flat [...]

What Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Should Include

The roof on your commercial building sits completely exposed to the elements, so it’s the structural component that’s most vulnerable to wear and aging. If it’s not kept watertight, the building’s structure can begin to deteriorate, and the resulting damage can affect the roof decking, insulation, walls, ceilings, and mechanical and electrical systems. […]

Is Flat Roof Replacement the Best Option For Your Building?

Flat roofs are economical solutions for many businesses, but no flat roof lasts forever. Before you consider flat roof replacement, make certain you have talked with your professional roofer to exhaust all other options. Florida’s flat roofs present many weather-related challenges but can outlast low-slope roofs in harsher climates. […]

Roofing Maintenance Programs for Commercial Property Managers The Naples area has a vibrant mix of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Roofing needs for residents of Naples are completely different from the needs of businesses. The roofs of Naples businesses protect not just a single family but the livelihoods of employees and the financial future of business owners. […]

Common PVC Myths

Companies searching for energy-saving solutions to their commercial flat roofing challenges sometimes hear bad things about polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a roofing material. Look past the rumors, though, and you find a great roofing product for Naples businesses. Thanks to our nearly tropical climate, the advantages of PVC for commercial flat roofing become obvious, once [...]

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