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Heat Stroke for your Roof: The Damaging Effects of Florida Heat: Florida Roofing Is Unique Series

Residential homeowners and commercial building managers may not fully realize the amount of roof damage created by persistently high temperatures until it’s too late. Roof damage caused by heat, or thermal shock, is one of the top reasons Florida residents contact roofing companies. Homeowners and businesses need professional guidance to find permanent solutions to avoid or address this challenge.

How Does Extreme Heat Impact A Roof?

High temperatures cause roofing components, including rafters, joists, and decking, to expand. Excessive heat loosens nails and blisters, cracks, and shrinks asphalt shingles. Also, flashing can become damaged with persistent exposure to sunlight. Finally, interior areas below the roof surface, such as the attic and crawl space, are affected by hot weather.

Solutions To Mitigate Roof Damage Caused By Heat

Fix Leaks

A leaky roof makes it more susceptible to extreme heat because water damages the insulation, rendering it ineffective. Inspecting the roof for signs of leaking can identify problem areas. New sealants, caulking, and coatings are options to rectify leaky portions of the roofing system.

Add Insulation

Installing new insulation to a building’s attic may seem counterintuitive to cooling a roof. However, insulation helps regulate a building’s heating and cooling systems. Insufficient insulation is a major cause of roof damage due to extreme heat buildup. 


One of the most effective methods to avoid heat damage is to ensure the roofing system has proper ventilation. If a roof can breathe or cool itself using fans, vents, and other cooling accessories, the result is a substantially reduced surface temperature.

Roof Cleaning

Professionally cleaning a roof using specialized detergents and techniques helps reduce the volume of heat absorbed by the roof. This approach also prevents the formation of, and removes, algae and moss, which are primary causes of surface erosion.

Fresh Roof Sealant

Periodically renewing a roof’s sealant or heat-resistant layer, will help safeguard the roof from thermal shock. This protective coat insulates the roof from the sun’s rays and reduces the likelihood of leaking and premature wear and tear.

roof cleaning

Hiring A Roofing Professional To Address Heat Damage To Roof

For homeowners and businesses in South Florida, Kelly Roofing offers creative solutions for all your roofing needs. Whether your roof has been damaged by extreme heat or you want to employ preventative measures to avoid thermal shock, we provide exceptional professional guidance. To learn more about Kelly Roofing and our services, contact us today.