Is It Time For A Tile Roof Replacement?

Tile Roof Repair or Replacement

Though durable tile roofs can last for many years, at some point, tile needs to be replaced to avoid any further exterior problems. If you have damaged tile over portions of your roof and you don’t know whether it’s a quick fix or if the entire roof needs replacing, here are a few key things to look for when you’re not sure if your roof needs a few repairs, or a complete overhaul.

Maybe Tile Roof Repair?

In some cases, a simple repair is all that your tile roof needs. A situation like a leaky roof, cracked tile, sliding tiles, or chipped tiles may require a repair and not a replacement. If the tile around the problem area is still in great condition, there is no need to replace the entire roof just to correct a simple shingle. Most minor repairs are inexpensive, and don’t take much time. Kelly Roofing guarantees repairs will last the lifetime of your tile roof, so it’s a win-win situation. With the right care and maintenance, your tile roof can last for years.

Signs You Need Tile Roof Replacement

For roof replacement, the process is a bit more involved. Some signs that you need to completely replace your roof include things like the age of the roof. If you’re trying to maintain a roof that’s over 20 years old, the cost of the repairs to keep the roof up will be more than installing a new tile roof. If the roof shows signs of mold or mildew, it’s definitely time to splurge for a new roof. Multiple broken tiles and holes are signs of wear and need to be examined.

When To Skip Tile Repairs

If you go up to your attic and see sunlight filtering in through holes in your roof, it’s time to skip repairs and go straight to replacement. Another sign to look for is spots on your ceiling. Tile underlayment is the biggest reason to replace and fairly common in our area due to oil migration. Oil migration occurs when heat causes the oil in the underlayment to rise and water becomes trapped between the oil and the rest of the underlayment’s materials, causing a breakdown of this protective layer of your tile roofing system. This water can then leak down into your ceiling.

Why Choose Kelly Roofing

So why should you choose Kelly Roofing to repair and replace your tile roof? Kelly has over 30 years experience in the roofing industry. The company also stays up to date on all roofing technology and advancements, and the family-run business offers high quality work for affordable prices. The award winning Kelly Roofing company holds themselves to the highest standards for great results.

Contact Kelly Roofing when it’s time to repair or replace your tile roof and discover the Kelly difference!