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Make Sure Property Maintenance Includes the Roof!

Maintenance and repairs to the interior and exterior of your commercial building are relatively easy to prioritize: if systems or equipment malfunction or a structural component starts to deteriorate, you’ll notice it quite quickly. Because your Naples roofing system is out of sight, the essential maintenance procedures needed to keep it in good condition are easier to overlook. Neglecting the roof can have costly consequences though, so it’s vital to include the roof in your property maintenance routine by taking the following steps.

Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

Ideally, inspections should be performed twice a year, and after any serious storm. It takes experience to assess a roof for wear, damage, and developing problems. This makes it best to hire a professional roofer rather having your maintenance staff handle inspections. Make sure the contractor you choose has expertise with your type of roof system and is manufacturer-certified if you roof is still under warranty.

Factor In Preventive Maintenance

The roofer who performs your inspections is the best source of advice on the exact maintenance procedures your roof requires and how often. The tasks a contractor may suggest adding to your staff’s maintenance routine include:

  • Making sure that water is flowing from the downspouts during a rain.
  • Cleaning out the scuppers and downspouts to avert debris accumulations.
  • Checking for and reporting areas of ponding water on the roof field after a rain.
  • Trimming back tree limbs that overhang the roof.
  • Checking the condition of the perimeter flashing periodically.
  • Inspecting for signs of water infiltration and damage on the building’s interior.

There are other occasional roof maintenance chores that are best left to your pro, like safely removing vegetation, mold or algae growth, and cleaning the roof covering.

Take Care of Roof Repairs

To maintain the roof system and protect its value, you need to take care of any recommended repairs included in the report you receive after each inspection. The report’s repair cost estimates and budget matrix can help you plan and prioritize how to tackle necessary repairs. Your roofing professional can also provide advice and assistance in this area as well.

Keep Up-to-Date Roofing Records

The roof is just like any other building system: having documentation on hand about its specifications, warranty, and maintenance/repair history can help a professional give you the most accurate and cost-effective maintenance, repair, and replacement recommendations.

For expert advice about properly maintaining your Naples roofing system, contact us today at Kelly Roofing.

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