Common Questions About High Winds, Vent Failures And Attic Water Damage!

Hurricanes Ian and Nicole have caused significant damage to Florida homes. Sadly, many residents have returned home to devastation. But even those whose homes and roofs fared well are discovering a common problem: water in the attic.

Finding water in your attic, but no visible roof damage, can be perplexing. However, there is a simple explanation. In most cases, this water was blown in through roof vents. When hurricane-force winds blow at the right angle, they can force water up and into your roof vents, saturating the attic. 

Here are some common questions about this phenomenon.

Does this mean your roof vents are damaged?

Your roof vents might have been damaged by the hurricane. But it’s more likely they were just poorly designed, poorly installed, or both. Vents must be installed at the right angle to guard against water intrusion. And many vents, even if “properly” installed, allow for leaks. A strong wind in the right direction can blow water up the sloped roof and into the vent opening.

What should you do about the water damage?

If there are just a few drops of moisture in your attic, you may be able the dry the area out by removing any wet insulation and running a fan. However, if the water has penetrated the insulation or you see any signs of mold growth, you should call a mold remediation team and a reputable, local roofing company. The mold remediation team can safely remove the contaminated attic materials. The roofer can look over your roof for signs of damage and confirm whether the moisture did, in fact, enter through your vents.

How can you prevent future leaks?

To keep the same problem from happening again, have your roof vents replaced or modified.

Kelly Roofing has designed a custom vent package that will prevent wind-driven rain from being blown into your vents. This system consists of a baffle that blocks the driving water, even in the strongest winds. It can be retrofitted to existing vents with some work on the tile. Another option is to replace your current vents with new ones that include a baffle. If water entered your attic during a recent hurricane or tropical storm, contact Kelly Roofing in Naples, FL. Our friendly, knowledgeable roofers put customers’ needs first and will happily modify or replace your vents to guard against future damage.