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Roofing Maintenance Programs for Commercial Property Managers


The Naples area has a vibrant mix of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Roofing needs for residents of Naples are completely different from the needs of businesses. The roofs of Naples businesses protect not just a single family but the livelihoods of employees and the financial future of business owners. Just as Kelly Roofing offers residential roofing answers, we also have commercial roofing maintenance programs designed exclusively for local businesses.


While some commercial properties may use the same roofing materials as residential roofs, typically industrial and business roofs are low-slope, single-ply or metal roofs. Kelly Roofing recognizes that the goal of commercial roofing maintenance programs is to keep a business thriving—to fully engage in commerce with no down time for roof issues.

Low-slope or flat roof systems are far more complicated than typical steep-slope residential roofs. Kelly Roofing has decades of experience with low-slope roofing systems, and can work with you to design custom solutions to your business’s roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Programs

When looking for a reputable local roofer to handle your commercial properties’ needs, compare commercial roofing maintenance programs. Specifics to ask about include:

  • Warranty duration and coverage
  • Documentation available—including thermal imaging and worksite log listings
  • No-leak guarantees
  • Green technologies, including sustainable roofing options
  • Emergency response

Uniquely Naples

Naples enjoys near-tropical weather, which means plenty of sunshine. It also means hurricanes and tropical storms. Roofing contractors have to know the wind-borne debris mitigation strategies, and ensure that Naples commercial properties follow all local building codes.

That abundant sunshine, too, does a lot of damage to low-slope roofing systems. Chemicals in built-up and single-ply roofing break down under the steady assault of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The best commercial roofing maintenance programs, such as those offered by Kelly Roofing, will include careful scrutiny for signs of degradation and decomposition due to ultraviolet radiation.

Kelly is Ready to Help

With the economic and public relations pressures any Naples business owner faces, you cannot reasonably be a roofing expert, too. Turn to Kelly Roofing as your partner to protect your investment and keep your business thriving. Our commercial roofing maintenance programs can provide worry-free service:

  • Annual inspection
  • Complete documentation
  • Prompt response to leaks, emergencies and storm damage
  • Minor repairs to prevent major problems
  • All roofing types—low-slope, metal, shingle, steep-slope, tile

Contact Kelly Roofing today to learn how we can help protect and maintain your Naples business.

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