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High Power Roof — The Tesla Solar PV Roofing System

The Tesla Solar PV Roofing System

Post Updated 8/21/17

Tesla has started installing its new high power, Solar roofing systems. The roofing systems have been installed on Tesla employee homes, including CEO Elon Musk’s home. The decision to install the solar system on employee homes first will give Tesla the ability to monitor the new product rigorously through installation.

Musk also released that the average house would need around 40% of the roof to be the solar shingles in order to be effective. The remaining roof space will be coordinated with non-active shingles also installed by the company.

Each solar tile contains two separate solar cells with a power of 6 watts each making each tile a maximum power of 12 watts. With these calculations, it would take around 20-25 tiles to generate the same power as a standard size solar panel.

Post Updated: 8/9/17

Tesla’s Solar PV Roof System – A Proven Concept That’s Here to Stay

Tesla, the company that’s synonymous with clean energy technology, unveiled their latest innovation late last year – the Solar PV Roofing System.

Although the Solar PV Roof System is a new concept here in the U.S., roof systems with embedded solar collectors have been used worldwide for decades, so it’s a proven technology. And while many other American solar companies have come and gone – like Uni-Solar, First Solar and Dow Solar that are now out of the market or out of business – we expect Tesla to be around long-term because of its substantial funding sources and commitment to challenging the status quo. For example, Tesla states the tile warranty as “Infinity, or the lifetime of your house, whichever comes first.” 

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy Has Never Looked So Good So Affordably

Tesla’s tempered glass solar tiles offer the aesthetic appeal of high-end traditional roofing with the bonus of integrated high-efficiency solar cells that allow you to sustainably power your home. They are also 3x stronger than traditional roof tiles.  CEO Elon Musk has announced that Tesla expects to offer their solar roofing at a lower price point than regular roofing, before factoring in any savings from the system’s energy production. The company has developed two stunningly beautiful solar tile profiles – smooth, textured, with slate and Tuscan tiles rolling out in 2018.

Newest Tesla updates reveal that customers will be able to use solar and non-solar tiles in order to customize how much solar power they need based on their power intake.

When Will Tesla Solar Roofs Be Available in Florida?

Tesla began taking orders for its solar roof tiles in April, and will start installation in June with California first on the list. Tesla is not a roof installation does not have a roofing license in Florida, Kelly Roofing will be installing Tesla Solar Tiles as soon as they are available. 

What Will a Tesla Solar Roof Cost?

The cost of the Tesla Solar Roof does not include materials and removal of your old roof. Roof estimates for Tesla Solar tiles are based on the square footage of the tiles installed on your roof. Click here for a Tesla Solar Roof estimate, there is a $1,000 refundable deposit to hold the position. The most current information from Tesla suggests that the solar roof shingles will be around $22 per square foot.

You can also use this tool to see your home’s solar energy savings potential.

Kelly Roofing: Your Experts in Sustainable Naples Roofing

Once the PV roofing system is available, our unique climate will pose some challenges, so you’ll want to choose a local roofing contractor experienced in solar installations in Southwest Florida. At Kelly Roofing, we’ve been working with metal roofing and thin-film solar laminates for several years now, so we’re very familiar with Florida’s climate constraints that affect Naples roofing.

To learn more about Tesla’s high-power Solar PV Roof System, contact us today at Kelly Roofing.

Explore Tesla’s page here.

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