Tesla Solar Roofs: Behind The Scenes With Kelly Roofing

Since Tesla Solar Roofs are relatively new to the market, many customers have questions and want to learn more about them. We’re happy to tell you more! Here are some of the most common questions people have about Tesla Solar Roofs.

Why is collecting solar power important?

You can get all of the power you need from the electrical grid. So, why should you worry about creating your own power?

About 80% of the electricity in the United States is still generated by burning fossil fuels. The most common of these are coal and natural gas. Burning fossil fuels isn’t the cleanest process. Also, these fossil fuels are in limited supply and will eventually be used up. Solar energy is much cleaner. It’s also unlimited and abundant. By generating your own power with a Tesla Solar Roof, you can help end the dependence on fossil fuels. Years from now, when the supply is dwindling, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Installing a Tesla Solar Roof also increases the value of your home and offsets your electric bill.

Why is the Tesla Solar Roof so exciting?

There are a few reasons why installing a Tesla Solar Roof is one of the most exciting home improvements you can make.

  • You can be self-sufficient.
  • When the municipal power goes out due to a storm, you’ll still have power.  You can keep cooking, washing laundry, watching television, and doing other activities which require power.
  • You can build a home in a more remote area where public electricity isn’t available.

How is the Tesla Solar Roof better than traditional solar panels?

With traditional solar panels, you first have to have a roof installed. This adds to the cost and could even cause issues down the road. Solar panels can also look a bit cumbersome on top of your roof. Tesla Solar Roof is your roof. Not only that, but it is beautiful and sleek. You only have the roof itself to keep clean and maintain — and these roofs are easy to maintain.

There are also tax credits available to help pay for the cost of your Tesla Solar Roof. You wouldn’t be able to claim these credits for any other type of roof!

How does it work?

The Tesla Solar Roof harnesses the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity, which you can use in your home. If you also have a Tesla Powerwall, any electricity you don’t immediately use will be stored so you can use it at night or on a cloudy day.

Must a Powerwall be used with a Tesla Solar Roof?

A Powerwall is not necessary. If you don’t have one, any excess power your roof generates can be pumped back into the power grid. If you have a Powerwall, though, you can store your electricity for later use. With a Powerwall, you don’t need a generator to keep your home running when the power goes out — and you can disconnect from the grid entirely, if desired.

Can you use a Powerwall system with any solar panels?

Although we really like how the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall work together as a system, you can pair the Powerwall with other solar panels. Some homeowners even opt for a Tesla Powerwall without solar. They just use the Powerwall to store electricity from the grid so when the power goes out, they still have electricity. The Powerwall has an instant transfer feature, so it will kick in automatically. You never lose power like you may with a generator.

How long does it take to get a Tesla Solar Roof?

The whole process takes about 4 – 6 weeks and consists of two phases.

During Phase One, we’ll:

  •  Do an energy audit
  •  Measure the roof to determine how large of a system you need
  •  Give you a price.

During Phase Two, we’ll:

  • Order your roof materials from Tesla
  • Tear off your old roof and dispose of the waste
  • Install the Tesla Solar Roof and associated materials
  • Contact your utility company to make the necessary changes

Kelly Roofing is very proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer for the state of Florida. The state is even changing its building codes specifically for Tesla Solar Roofs. If you have any other questions about Tesla Solar Roofs and Tesla Powerwalls, don’t hesitate to contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida.