Do Tesla Solar Roofs Need To Be Pressure Washed?

The short answer is, you can – as long as the pressure is under 1,200 PSI. Tesla Solar Roofing is incredibly durable, which is one thing we love about it the most. But here’s the thing: you shouldn’t need to pressure wash your Tesla Solar Roof. 

Why Tesla Solar Roofs Don’t Require Pressure Washing

Tesla Solar Roofs are considered to be self-cleaning. They are designed with a nice texture so when it rains, dirt and grime quickly wash from the roof. The solar shingles are designed this way to ensure they always stay clean. A dirty solar array won’t capture nearly as much sunlight as a clean one.

Tesla Solar Roofs are more similar to metal roofs than shingle roofs when it comes to their cleaning needs. Just as dirt and leaves slide right off a metal roof, they slide right off a Tesla Solar Roof.

Hire Pros to Clean Your Tesla Solar Roof

If your Tesla Solar Roof does ever start to look dirty, you are better off hiring professionals to clean it rather than washing it yourself. Walking on a Tesla Solar Roof is not advised. You won’t damage the roof — it’s more than strong enough to withstand your weight — but you are at risk of slipping. The surface is meant to whisk dirt away, making it very slippery when wet.

Professionals have the equipment and training necessary to safely clean a Tesla Solar Roof. At Kelly Roofing, we use a special Soft Wash system to remove grime and debris from your roof in a gentle way. The result will be a cleaner Tesla Solar Roof which generates more energy, looks amazing, and keeps your HOA happy.Tesla Solar Roofing is amazingly strong and can withstand pressure washing at PSI of 1,200 and below. However, hiring professionals to Soft Wash your roof is a much safer and more effective choice. Contact Kelly Roofing for roof cleaning and Tesla Solar Roof services in South Florida.