Why You Should Only Hire A Roofing Company To Clean Your Roof

Your roof is one of the first things people notice about your house. If it has dark streaks and stains, it can make your home stick out for all the wrong reasons. That’s why you need to have it cleaned regularly.

When it comes to roof cleaning, you have to make sure that you hire roofing experts. More roof cleaning companies are popping up, but you should consider the potential risk of hiring the wrong company. Cleaning companies are cleaners, not roofers. Let me share why you should only hire a roofing company to clean your roof.

Hiring a Roofing Company to Clean Your Roof

The biggest reason to hire a roofing company is expertise. They understand how roofs are assembled. They know problem areas to watch for & whether an issue is minor or significant. They can notify you and help mitigate any issues they find before they become problematic. One common issue that roofers encounter is Black Algae.

Black algae, a fungus, often causes black streaks. You can have this problem on any roofing material, but it’s most common on tiles and shingles. The best way to clean your roof is to hire a professional to safely remove the algae without damaging your roof. Why?

  1. Most people don’t know the most common cause of broken tiles is foot traffic on the roof. Roofing contractors know how to navigate a roof and not damage the tiles. Simply put, don’t let someone who is not qualified walk on your rooftop!
  2. Most cleaning companies use high pressure (3500-4000 PSI) so they can clean an area in one pass, which removes the top layer of cement on your tile, causing the color to fade and deepening the pores, encouraging mildew to grow back faster in the future. 
  3. They also use harsh chemicals that rust critical roof flashing and fasteners and harm plants and pets.

Spraying roof tiles with cleaner

Why Hire Kelly Roofing to Clean Your Roof

Kelly Roofing only uses a soft wash method, which is a cleaning method that uses water pressure to gently wash away dirt, algae, moss, and other contaminants from your roof. We use a “Whisper Washer,” with a spinning head that cleans the tile in one pass. We use 1200 PSI or lower, which the Tile Roof Institute recommends. 

This process is much safer than power washing because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals or high-pressure sprayers that can damage your home’s roof or cause water damage inside your house.

Never Clean Your Roof Again

Our eco-friendly soft wash roof cleaning will also treat the cause of the problem without harming your roof, landscaping, pets, or the environment. Your roof warranty stays intact because we use a soft wash to clean and our Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution.

Roof Rain works like wax for your car. It places a protective layer that prevents future mildew growth and will keep your roof clean for two years. We believe so strongly in this product that we give a 2-year clean roof warranty! 

How Much To Have My Roof Cleaned

The cost of having your roof cleaned will depend on several factors. Some of these factors include the size of your roof, how many years it’s been since it was cleaned, and whether you live in an area with many trees or greenery around your home.

If you want to have your roof cleaned, we offer competitive prices and have many years of experience in the industry. We have been providing roofing services to homeowners in Florida for over 50 years, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing.

Roof that has been cleaned by Kelly Roofing.

We have a team of experts who will come to your property and inspect the state of your roof before they begin work. Once we have determined what needs to be done, we will provide you with an estimate for the cleaning cost.

Break the Dirty to Clean Cycle

Kelly Roofing has the best equipment, cleaners, and experience to make your roof look its best. You will have peace of mind that you won’t need any repairs down the road due to poor service from an inexperienced contractor.

We also help to break the dirty-to-clean cycle. Most companies clean your roof, then it gets dirty again, so you call them back out. At Kelly, we’ll clean it the first time with the Whisper Washer, then come out every two years to reapply Roof Rain, which keeps it clean, so you’ll never have to clean it again. This helps keep your roof looking great all year long, dramatically reducing the cost to you!

Roof Cleaning Coupon

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