Hurricanes, tropical storms – in the Naples, FL area you never know what the weather will bring, or how it may impact your home. Wind and water are two of the most damaging elements for a home. Considering the extremely high winds often associated with a hurricane or tropical storm – gusts up to 80, 100, or even 150 mph, the roof and openings of your home (windows, skylights, shutters, etc.) can experience substantial (and costly) damage. If you’re not familiar with wind mitigation, we’ll enlighten you about how you may be able to qualify for an opening protection discount with your insurance company.

What is an opening protection discount?

Basically, an opening protection is a key component of the Uniform Mitigation Verification inspection. This inspection will verify whether you are eligible to receive a discount if you’re a property owner who takes the proper steps to protect your home from damage in the event of a storm that brings with it high winds. In Florida, all insurance companies offer these opening protection discounts to homeowners who have hurricane-rated windows, skylights, shutters, or other openings.

Ultimately, a wind mitigation inspection can save you substantially on homeowners insurance. In fact, this is the only inspection that nearly guarantees you will enjoy a discount on your insurance premium. Considering the frequency of tropical storms and hurricanes in this region in Florida, the risk of damage to your windows, skylights, and even your roof is great. Why not learn if you qualify for a wind mitigation opening protection discount?

Hurricane Rated Skylights

It’s important to use hurricane-rated skylights in your home, considering all of the damage that could occur to not only the skylights, but the structure and contents beneath your skylights. Hurricanes and tropical storms usually bring not only wind, but torrential rains. The combination of both can be devastating to your home, which is why wind mitigation is so important.

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