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Case Study: World Tennis Center

When you need a flat roof replacement on your Naples, Florida property, you face a weighty decision about the best type of roofing material to use and who to hire to install it. Before you make a decision, we’d like you to consider the experience of the Naples’ World Tennis Center. It was seventeen years ago this month that we were tasked with replacing the low-slope roof on the facility’s pro shop, restaurant and conference center. After comparing the performance and value of different roofing systems, we recommended the single-ply membrane manufactured by Duro-Last.

High-Quality Materials and Installation = Exceptional Performance

When we replaced the tennis center’s roof back in 2000, it was our first time installing a Duro-Last system. In spite of this, we had complete confidence that this high-quality product paired with our skilled workmanship could provide superior protection for the property and an excellent ROI for the owners.

Fast forward to 2017, and we’re proud to say that the roof on the World Tennis Center has stood the test of time. There have been no issues with the membrane over the years, and after almost two decades, it’s still outperforming other roofing systems without the need for frequent maintenance. We believe there are two good reasons why the roof has performed so well:

  • Product durability. A Duro-Last roof stands up against UV exposure, high winds and pounding rain, so it’s the ideal system for our harsh Florida environment. Duro-Last products also provide exceptional leak resistance and significant energy savings over their extended life cycle, and they come with the best warranties in the industry.
  • Installation skill. Duro-Last only allows fully-trained and authorized contractors to install their roof systems. So before we tackled our first Duro-Last installation at the World Tennis Center, we received extensive training on the correct techniques and best practices for installing the PVC membrane and all its related components.

Time-Tested Dedication to Craftsmanship & Service

Here is the World Tennis Center Duro-Last Roof17 years after installation.

We partnered with Duro-Last as a preferred contractor because we’re committed to bringing only the best to our customers in terms of products, warranties and craftsmanship. Our family-owned roofing company has a 30+ year history serving the Naples area, and we’ll not only install your new commercial roof skillfully, but we’ll be here whenever it needs an inspection or routine maintenance.

For expert advice about your commercial flat roof replacement in the Naples, Florida area, contact us at Kelly Roofing.

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