Shingle Repair

Shingles will give you a long lasting, high wind resistant roof that will be pleasing esthetically as well as economically. We offer 30 Year, 40 Year and lifetime year shingles with numerous styles and profiles available in a wide color array. Best of all, shingle roof systems are low cost and low maintenance. All shingle roof systems come with complete system warranties covering installation, labor and materials for 20 years.


Roof Tile Repair

Tile roofs offer beauty and protection against Florida’s harsh elements. Kelly Roofing has designed a complete “Code-Plus” system to outperform other specifications by utilizing the newest technologies with proven roofing practices. By creating a complete “System” all components work together to form a long-lasting, worry-free security.


Metal Roof Repair

Metal is synonymous with strength and toughness. But as a roofing material, strength is only one of the advantages of metal roofing. Metal roofing costs are surprisingly affordable due to the fact that a metal roof is a permanent one; the life-cycle costs are substantially lower than conventional roofing materials. For aesthetics, metal roofing comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit your personal preference.


Flat & Low Slope Roof Repair

The Duro-Last prefabricated single-ply roofing system is ideal for virtually any commercial or industrial, flat or low-sloped application. The highly reflective white membrane delivers real energy cost savings for building owners and managers. Extremely durable and easily installed without disruption to daily operations, the Duro-Last roofing system is also leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.

Trustworthy Roof Repair Estimates & Quality Roof Repair Work

Does your roof leak? Does it have storm damage? You may have heard horror stories about roofing companies taking hours longer than promised, not guaranteeing the work and not even fixing the problem correctly. It’s sad, but true. Most roofing companies only want to sell you a new roof because, “That’s where the money is.” It’s a shame how many good people are talked into prematurely replacing their roof when roof repair is all that’s needed.

You can count on the trustworthy roofers at Kelly Roofing. We have been in the roof repair business since 1972. When we inspect your roof damage, we aren’t there to sell you a new roof, we will give you an honest roof repair estimate and will back it up with quality repairs that will outlast the existing roof. Sometimes repair is all you need to extend your roof life just a little further.

The Kelly Roofing Philosophy

“If it’s broken, fix it.” A simple philosophy, but in almost all cases a good one. We know by restoring a roof our customers get the most for their money. Another philosophy we created, “A sustainable roof is a roof you don’t have to replace.”

  • Repair: [ri-pair] v. – To remedy an isolated issue at a specific problem area.
    • Other roofers simply caulk or seal problem areas. In our opinion this is like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm. It’s just not right. We expose each roof repair area to determine the condition of the decking base, flashing condition and membrane wear. Then, just like installing a new roof in that areas we systematically rebuild the area using new materials.
  • Restore: [ri-stohr] v. – Wide ranging preventative measures to bring back into good condition.
    • Like changing the oil in your car, roofs require maintenance. We believe in preventive roof maintenance to help avoid costly interior damages and emergency repairs later. Since we will already be repairing an area of your roof, now is the perfect time to restore the entire roof to good condition. Get the most out of your roof and avoid premature replacement by restoring your roof to a good, healthy condition.


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We are so thankful we chose Kelly Roofing of Naples, FL! We had four roofing companies that gave us an estimate on our roof repairs- yours was the last we had come and inspect our home. Not only was your Project Manager, Mr. Tony Leggett, very informed about all the services that your company provides, but he gave us a detailed estimate right after he finished his inspection! His estimate was very clear and exact, it explained just what we needed to repair all of the issues on our roof. The work was completed exactly as was stated- no extra charges- and our property was cleaned as perfect as it was before. Afterwards, Mr. Felipe Padilla came back, rechecked our roof and had the men put on a few more finishing touches. I have owned many buildings and have had a lot of work done on them, but I have never felt so good about writing a check with so much value received!
Joe S.