Damage from hurricane-strength winds and unpredictable, volatile weather is a risk every Florida property owner faces. Hurricane and tropical storm damage has contributed to insurance premium hikes of up to 70%- and insurance companies are passing the costs onto the customer. Some Florida insurance companies have requested rate increases of almost 50%, and deductibles can be more than $20,000.

Are you prepared to take on the cost of wind damage to your roof?

Strengthen Your Homes Defenses and Save Money with Wind Mitigation

A strong, well-built roof has the potential to save you money on your insurance rates and provide extra protection for your family. Florida State Law now requires that insurance companies offer discounts on premiums and credits to homeowners who take precautions-  homes have features that can reduce damage and property loss from wind. These special discounts are only available to home’s that receive a certified wind mitigation inspection.

Here’s What You Need to Know:


Mitigation Inspections

Past hurricanes have inflicted billions of dollars in property damage- meaning wind damage coverage often accounts for  70% of the total annual insurance policy cost. The State of Florida now requires that insurance companies offer discounts or credits to homeowners for wind damage-resistant features that have passed a certified wind mitigation inspections.  Taking the proper precautions means homeowners can save money and prevent major headaches.


Opening Protection Discount

Florida weather is never predictable- Hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds –  you never know what the weather will bring, or how it may impact your home. The high winds often associated with a hurricane or tropical storm – gusts up to 80, 100, or even 150 mph, the roof and openings of your home (windows, skylights, shutters, etc.) can experience serious, costly damage. Here’s what you need to know to protect your investment and possibly save some money in the process!


Hip Geometry Discount

Wind mitigation discounts and credits can help reduce your homeowners’ insurance costs, but before your insurer will apply any discounts to your policy, they’ll ask you to have an inspection performed. One of the items an inspector looks at is the shape of the roof — if it’s a hip roof, you’ll automatically qualify for a percentage off the wind coverage portion of your insurance premium.


Building Code Compliance Discount

If your Florida home predates 2002 but you had a new roof installed after March 1, 2002, you may be eligible for the homeowners’ insurance discount, if the roof was installed in compliance with specific hurricane damage mitigation strategies, like roof covering, geometry and secondary water resistance. If your home was professionally constructed, inspected and permitted after the all-important March 1, 2002, date, you probably already receive the Building Code Compliance discount, but certainly check with your insurance agent to make sure.


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